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sunflowers photo taken by Ellie Be Yourself ❤ Dare to Shine ❤ Love Who You Are Dear Friend Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. I hope you get a few gold nuggets of inspiration and that the article helps you make a few connections about where you are and what might be keeping you from where you want to be or how you want to feel.

Many of us wonder what our purpose is here on earth. Do you ever wonder what the purpose is for encounters/relationships with people who feel like sandpaper to your Soul? A FEW THINGS TO CONSIDER : 1 - If a person who triggers you reminds you of someone you know now or knew in the past, this might be a good opportunity to heal that relationship for your peace of mind. 2 - Does the same type of person keep showing up in your life, just in a different body? This might be a good time to heal an entire pattern of toxic relationships. Spirit has a way of presenting you with the same trigger over and over again in order to get your attention so you can heal the original wound (and get on with your life). 3 - Whether we realize it or not, we all have a unique purpose. In fact, we are never devoid of our purpose. However, we can be distracted by unfinished business that keeps showing up as difficult people or situations in our life. The more we clean up our past wounds and unhealthy relationships, the more we can embrace our reason for being here. 4 - Toxic people give us an opportunity to practice higher virtues such as patience and objectivity when we need to deal with them. If you want to check your personal growth, see how you react now, compared to how you might have reacted in the past. 5 - There might be a karmic issue (past life) between you and the person who feels like sandpaper to your soul. Clearing karma is one of my specialties! In the meantime, ask yourself:

- Do you still get triggered by that co worker, boss or close relative? - How angry do you get and how much do you act out with them, or obsess afterward? - Are you able to remain neutral and maintain your peace of mind while in their presence and after? Every time you heal a wound or toxic relationship you have been carrying from the past, you feel lighter and are more free to be your authentic self. This is what true empowerment is. As you become free from the past, you naturally become more aligned with your higher self and your purpose. And that is when you start getting really excited about your life and loving the fact that you are here. Love, Ellie 💖