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Pechet Healing Technique


Ellie Pechet - Real Results for Real Issues



Healing that lasts for emotional & physical symptoms

when you are experiencing pain and need results quickly. 




The Pechet Healing Technique is a highly advanced technique that blends intuition, innovative counseling, and the energetic clearing of issues and symptoms at the cellular level - the deepest level possible. When I work with you, you can look forward to results that last.


During most sessions, your most significant issue is cleared every session and will not need to be dealt with again. * Physical conditions take more than one session because they are more complex, involving emotional and physical components. I use a high level of intuition to pinpoint your deepest issues, then I use my natural ability to clear your issues energetically with a laser-like focus.  I can also help you understand these issues and any lessons that might be connected to them with greater clarity.


The Pechet Healing Technique goes way beyond Reiki healing as an energy healing technique. P.H.T permanently clears physical symptoms and emotional issues at the cellular level - Reiki does not do this. With the Pechet Healing Technique, you can look forward to feeling deeply relaxed as you would after a Reiki session, but in addition you will notice a significant resolution of a core issue every session, starting with your first session.


You will feel an immediate reduction in stress and tension as I begin to work with you. You will notice that you feel lighter and more relaxed and you will experience a sense of well-being overall. Your overall quality of life starts to improve within the first 1-4 clearing sessions as your symptoms decrease.

Your Transformation...It's Real

If you are looking for a profound transformation, you've come to the right place. You will find that you feel better,  your quality of life improves, you have more energy and your outlook on life is more positive.


The more issues I clear for you (accumulated over your life, as well as previous lifetimes) the the more you become aligned with your true essence. As you feel better and have more energy, you will see that you have more to give the people around you: family, friends, your mate, your work in the world and whatever your higher purpose is.

As your issues decrease, your capacity to love yourself and those around you increases.


A Re-Calibration Occurs Every Session


A re-calibration of your entire energy system takes place every time I work with you. With each issue that is cleared, your vibration increases and your entire energetic system is re-aligned. You may also notice that while I clear a specific issue, a ripple effect of other benefits occurs. For example, I might focus specifically on a sore knee, and later, you might notice your shoulder also feels better.


Imagine a chalkboard full of writing, scribbles, and scratch-outs representing the issues that

have accumulated over your life. I am the eraser that cleans the board, removing all of the clutter,

bringing you to a place of balance, joy, and clarity - the true you.

Ellie Pechet, Shaman Metaphysician, Remote Healer

Are you ready for positive change?

How it works: Using my intuitive abilities and extensive experience in Metaphysical healing, (as well as being trained as a psychotherapist), before we start working together, I have you fill out a few forms with information that will help make my work with you as efficient as possible. Starting with your first session, the clearing of your most significant issue will be done. Each session I work with you, look forward to knowing that an entire issue will be cleared, you will be balanced, your vibration will be raised and you will feel a deep and delicious sense of relaxation throughout your entire being. 


Most clients get the best results when they sign up for a package of 4, 8, or 12 sessions, depending on how many   current issues, painful memories and unhealthy patterns, you would like me to permanently resolve for you.

Real results that last


Every time I energetically clear an emotional issue for you, it only needs to be dealt with once. This makes my work highly efficient because you will notice results starting with your first session and every session after that as a specific issue gets cleared for good. Emotional issues such as P.T.S.D., grief, low self esteem and other issues that would normally cost many thousands of dollars, not to mention the enormous amount of time you are spending in years of office visits to a counselor or another practitioner can be resolved in just a few months or less. My specialty is clearing patterns, issues and memories that started in childhood and continue to affect your life as an adult, diminishing your ability to experience joy, intimacy, prosperity and an overall lower quality of life.

As I mentioned earlier on this page, physical/medical conditions often take longer to clear than emotional issues because they are more complex, containing both emotional and physical components. Many emotional issues held inside the body over time will manifest into physical symptoms and conditions, from low back pain (which is often related to a lack of support and or money issues) to heart disease, cancer, etc.

Counseling is woven into session work and is an integral component of the Pechet Healing Technique, providing you with support and the ability to understand and process core issues as I clear them for you energetically.


Emotional issues I have helped my clients with include:

Depression, Grief, Trauma, P.T.S.D., Anxiety, Panic attacks, Anger, low self-esteem, phobias, insomnia, bipolar disorder, difficulty concentrating, ADD, addictions, eating disorders, O.C.D., self-sabotaging behavior, chronic irritability, relationship issues, couple and parenting issues, financial blocks, unresolved past relationship issues, and sadness as a result of trauma, or the loss of a loved one.

Physical Conditions I have helped clients with include:

COVID-19, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain in the neck, back +. COVID & COVID vaccine toxicity, cancer symptoms & root causes, sciatica, thyroid conditions, pain related to a sports injury or accident, asthma, skin problems, vision and hearing problems, digestive disorders such as colitis and I.B.S., heart disease, hormone imbalance, Tourettes, food allergies and sensitivities and more.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and although I have a very high rate of success, I do not guarantee results.

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