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"Fear is inevitable, I have to accept that, but I cannot allow it to paralyze me.”   “It’s sad actually because anxiety only keeps me from enjoying things as much as I should at this age.” 



Anxiety is a natural response to stress with the underlying emotion of fear. You might experience anxiety on your first day of school or at a new job, or before boarding a plane.


Many people experience anxiety in various forms such as fear, nervousness, or uneasy excitement. However, if your anxiety seems chronic and interferes with your day-to-day life, you may be experiencing an anxiety-related condition.


People with anxiety often struggle with depression simultaneously.  There can be a tendency to self-medicate by using alcohol or drugs to numb uncomfortable feelings. This is never a good solution though because it is temporary and doesn’t deal with the underlying issues of anxiety or depression. It can also lead to increased symptoms.


Although it might “take the edge off” initially, the next day a person with a tendency toward depression will likely feel more down then before because alcohol is a depressant. 

Crippling Effect

Anxiety can have a crippling effect and impair functioning on all levels, especially one’s ability to think clearly and make good decisions. Those who suffer often have to stop what they are doing whatever it is until their anxiety subsides. Clients I work with say it can cause them to shut down and affect whatever they were doing, work, a home project, shopping, needing to give a talk in public, etc.



A trigger is a person, place or thing that triggers a negative emotion and can lead to a downward spiral emotionally. Memories such as remembering a traumatic event or relationship can also be triggers for negative emotions or obsessive thinking. Triggers vary for each person but a couple of common ones include being in social situations and places where groups are gathered.


A client I helped with anxiety used to get panic attacks when he was in a grocery store.  I was able to energetically clear the root causes of his anxiety over the course of a few sessions and the panic attacks stopped. Social gatherings with friends, family and public events such as concerts or going to the race track can trigger anxiety and can sometimes lead to a full-blown panic attack. Another client I am working with becomes anxious when he has to speak in front of any group, even the staff at his current job. As I work with him, the panic attacks are improving, however, in his case, a strong karmic component from past lifetimes plays a role in his pattern of anxiety in his current life.

When clients first come to me, they say they are unable to enjoy life or engage fully with their spouses, families, and career because of their anxiety; whether it is sporadic or chronic. Many have lost hope that they will ever be able to feel peaceful, happy, and excited about life.


As I work with you, you will experience a profound shift from feeling stuck, frustrated and anxious, to profound inner peace. Feeling peaceful on a daily basis is a high-level experience of being, and it is from this place of inner peace that you truly feel good and are able to fully contribute your gifts with the world around you. 

Would you like to experience quick and permanent relief from depression, anxiety, unresolved grief, childhood trauma, early neglect or sexual abuse? With the Pechet Healing Technique, you can expect to have immediate results, starting with your first session and look forward to having one significant issue cleared every session.





Using the Pechet Healing Technique, I energetically dissolve the core issues that cause anxiety. The P.H.T. is a highly advanced technique that blends intuition, innovative counseling, and the energetic clearing of issues and symptoms at the cellular level, the deepest level possible. Part of the success of my technique is that I am able to heal the issue from this current life as well as any past lifetimes that are relevant. 


With Pechet Healing Technique sessions, you will experience lasting freedom from anxiety, trauma, depression, and any other issues you have accumulated over your lifetime that therapy and other modalities have not been able to heal for you. When you sign up for sessions with me, you will be able to live your life the way you deserve to…happy, joyous and free from anxiety. 

During the first part of each session, clients are able to talk about their feelings in a nurturing environment that is free from judgment. The Pechet Healing Technique, a technique I have developed over the past 33 years then moves into the metaphysical, energy healing part of the session. I intuit the specific core issue the client needs healed most that session. Next, I use a number scale of 1-10 and have the client identify the level of charge they feel when they think about the identified issue. They will typically report that it is between 8 and 10.


Next, as I start to work with them, clearing the issue, they notice that the level of charge starts to drop. By the time I get to the check-in point, usually, the issue has dropped approximately 50 %. By the end of the clearing part of the session, when I check in again, the issue is usually down to a 0-1. Clients also report feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful. Sessions with me are cumulative and the effect of each issue that gets healed and resolved builds on the previous sessions.


Clients become mentally clearer and more empowered with every session. Most clients begin with four sessions when they come to me with anxiety, and might choose to move on to other issues they want to resolve and continue their progress. Often the issues I heal for my clients have been bothering them much if not all of their life. In addition to having a significant issue healed each session, clients look forward to experiencing a sense of deep relaxation during their session that continues after their session, while simultaneously experiencing a gentle re-calibration of their whole energetic system. Clients notice they feel more peaceful and positive at the same time their quality of life is improving in a way they never thought possible. 


Nina - Anxiety healed.

Testimonial from Melissa:

“I accomplished more in the weeks following this session, then I did in the TWO MONTHS prior to it.  There was a dark cloud above me and Ellie erased it as well as the memory of its existence in the course of 50 minutes.  There is no "placebo" effect here, it's so much MORE than that.  If depression and anxiety is an "infection", Ellie is the world’s most potent and fast-acting antibiotic.  There is no "masking" of symptoms.  She is the CURE for what ails you.  It's so difficult to describe in words what Ellie can do for you; you must experience it to fully appreciate.  It is indeed truly amazing.”    

~ Melissa M.

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