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“It isn’t in my past,” wrote Helen Wilson, “It’s in my every day.” There is more to each of us than what has happened to us. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can make it remarkably difficult to see, feel, or live beyond our time of immense trauma.


Moral injury is the number one cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD used to be attributed primarily to those who had served in the military and law enforcement. In more recent years, PTSD is applied to anyone who has experienced one or more traumatic events.Emotional, physical and sexual abuse are the most commonly recognized causes of PTSD. However, other circumstances such as accidents, injuries, being in a vehicle rollover etc. can also cause trauma. When a person is triggered, there is an activation in the brain that brings the person experiencing the trigger back to a time and place that was traumatic. A complete replaying of the entire event doesn't always occur, but sometimes even a feeling, smell, or emotion in a current situation can bring back a painful memory, causing a senses of hopelessness, anxiety, even a panic attack.



Restricted Daily Activities

All of us have resilience, however experiencing trauma up close and personal such as losing a parent, witnessing a death, dealing with major illness, can create ghastly memories that are laid down in our minds and bodies. PTSD can cause colossal panic, but the panic is not the worst of its reactions. The biggest consequence is the restriction on daily life that occurs.


Becoming aware of who we are when we heal our trauma can be an enlightening, spiritual journey. As we heal, we realize we are consciousness, love, and dignity, which is an important step toward living healthy lives free from past trauma.

When PTSD remains in the subconscious, it impacts the individual in unhealthy ways. Not only is she or he in pain, there is a strong tendency to defend and guard against being hurt again, which keeps them from being able to experience giving or receiving love in a healthy way.

Profound Shift

Using the Pechet Healing Technique, I energetically dissolve the blocks that cause a client’s PTSD. The P.H.T. is a highly advanced technique that blends intuition, innovative counseling, and the energetic clearing of issues and symptoms at the cellular level which is the deepest level possible.


With Pechet Healing Technique sessions, you will experience lasting freedom from any trauma, depression, PTSD etc.that you have accumulated over your life, and will begin to live your life the way you deserve to… happy, joyous and free from the past.


When I work with you, you will experience a profound shift from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and insecure, to living in a state of inner peace. Nothing is more valuable than inner peace.


When clients first come to me, they tell me they are unable to enjoy and fully engage with their spouses, families, their career the way they did before PTSD took over their lives. They feel like their quality of life has stopped and have often lost hope that they will ever be able to feel peaceful, happy, and excited about life.

Clients who are experiencing PTSD are able to open up and talk about their feelings in a nurturing environment that is free from judgment during the first part of each session. This is the first step toward healing their heart.


The Pechet Healing Technique, a technique I have developed over the past 33 years then moves into the metaphysical, energy healing portion of the session. I intuitively identify the specific issue or root cause of the issue that the client needs healed the most that session.

Many clients I work with felt unsupported by their family while growing up and have low self-esteem. An undercurrent of PTSD typically follows them the rest of their life until they find me. I energetically heal broken hearts for my clients and consider this some of my most sacred work.


Sessions with me are cumulative and the effect of each issue that gets healed and resolved builds on the previous sessions. Clients become mentally clearer and more empowered with every session. Most clients begin with four sessions when they come to me with PTSD, and then choose to move on to other issues they want me to resolve so they can continue their progress.


In addition to having a significant issue healed each session, clients look forward to experiencing a sense of deep relaxation during their session that continues after their session, while at the same time, experiencing a gentle re-calibration of their whole energetic system. Clients notice they are feeling more peaceful, positive, and that the quality of their life is improving significantly.


Whether you are struggling to come to terms with a tragedy, loss, fear, or are unsure where your PTSD stems from, I will help you by intuiting and then clearing the root causes of your symptoms so that you can live a happier, healthier, and more empowered life free from PTSD. 


Call to schedule your sessions now: 508-237-4929

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