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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”   
Mahatma Gandhi

 Energy healing a dog
Remote Healer Ellie Pechet

I heal your pets fear, anxiety &
physical conditions remotely

" I have never seen results like Ellie gets

with the animals she works with.

Her work is truly amazing"  

~Dana Dvorak, Animal Communicator, L.A.

Healing Beanie's Fear of Flies
Remotely healing a cockateel
Healing Louie's Previous Trauma 

Healing Louie Remotely | Cockatiel

Session 1

Issue Healed: "Traumatized by the family he was with before Ruth". 

Energetic Imprint: "Safe"

Louie: "They were mean to me. They used to hit the cage to scare me. They didn't like my song.” I said: “I am really sorry Louie, that must have been hard. You are a survivor. You are a sweet, lovable boy and I am going to help you so you do not live in fear anymore” Louie said; “I would really like that. Ruth is kind to me. She cares about me. I know she worries about me. I can't help it still being afraid despite how kind my new human is. Maybe you can help me and I won't be scared anymore." Me; “That’s is the goal sweetheart and then, maybe you will be able to come out of your cage without fear. Would you like me to check and see what needs to be healed most for you?" Louie; “Yes please, Ruth told me you were going to help me. Thank you."  Louie then asked me to be gentle. I said, "I will be very gentle. You let me know if I go to fast or if anything doesn't feel good, ok?" “Yes”, Louie said. Shortly after starting, Louie said; "Oh that feels good. It tickles a little." as I was raising his vibration.  As I worked with Louie, he said; "I can feel it melting." 

Then I (Ellie) heard a song in my head; 'Setting you free, I am setting you la la la'.... When I finished, Louie said "That felt really good. Thank you I feel better." I then asked him, "would you like another healing for your eyes in a couple of days?" Louie said, "Oh yes, please. I feel a lot less afraid now and am looking forward to a new life."

Click to listen to my conversation with Louie
Tribute to Bailey: 
Heart is love
Bailey herding cattle
puppy issues
Dog needing help transitioning

"My name is Bailey. I am a Border Collie and live and work in Saskatchewan, Canada. This is me in my brand new winter coat!

I am 16 years old and insist on still doing my job which includes rounding up the cattle and protecting the calves from coyotes. I help my human (Les) run things around here.

The first time Ellie worked on me remotely, she healed my Severe Arthritis and I feel much better. She also did a big healing on my Spine "Degeneration". Her energy feels really amazing and I am feeling much better in this body of mine. 

Thank you Ellie"

3-26-22: Session &
Conversation with Bailey
Bailey, before I worked
with her
Les talks about my
work with Bailey
Bailey's walking improved after 2 sessions  healing her arthritis
remote healing for cats

"My 17 year old cat, Eddie was very sick, eating very little and crying a lot. I took her to the vet 3x and she was still sick. I reached out to Ellie because she has helped me with my own issues.

After one session, I could tell Eddie was feeling a lot better.  Since the healing,  she stopped crying and she's eating again. She seems happier and is more playful."       

~Laura Westlake, New York



“ Some months ago our kitty, Puffer, was bleeding from the rectum and our vet could not find what was creating this situation without more and substantial lab tests which were very stressful to both Puffer and us. Instead of more tests, Ellie was able to intuit, over the phone, using a photo, a bleeding ulcer and was able to clear up the situation with one healing session. We also use her services for our own issues and her work is pretty amazing..."

~ Walt Dragus, Virginia

remote healing for cats with digestive issues


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       Helping Wildlife 

VIDEO: Remotely Healing Whales +
(Please turn your volume up to hear the video.)
Hear, I talk about the remote healing work I did with a whale named Derecha ("right" in Spanish) and her infant calf who had recently been hit by a boat and suffered a life threatening gash along her jaw. I did 2 remote healings on her and 2 on her panicking mother. Both improved & became stronger. The infant survived her head trauma. I also help other wildlife (see below). Listen now:
3 duck friends walking past be kind to ducks sign
JJ and I with don't chase ducks post 1.jpg
Don't chase ducks!

Click on each photo below for story

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