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"Her healings are like magic… It's like she has a wand attached to her hand…When she waves it at you, you know something profound is happening."

Jaime Durand, MA


"I was having a difficult time in my life and didn’t know where to turn...
Ellie has forever changed my life. During my sessions, she intuitively clarifies my issues then heals them. I spent years suffering from depression.

She healed my depression in as little as several phone sessions.

The healing energy Ellie sends is the most beautiful, relaxing and tranquil feeling I have ever experienced. She has smoothed out the rough edges in my life and I feel whole again. I can’t thank her enough for all the healing she has given me and find it amazing that she can do all this long distance.

I highly recommend Ellie for any issues you might be having. She has an uncanny ability to intuit and heal whatever difficulties you are experiencing. I have thrown many problems her way and Ellie has resolved them all.

If you want inner peace and resolution, call Ellie, she has the power to heal and the light to defeat the darkness.

~Laura Westlake, New York


    Success Healing Emotional Issues:


Emotional issues I have healed for clients. Watch testimonials below.

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Anxiety

  • Fears

  • Trauma

  • Sexual abuse 

  • Broken heart 

  • Difficult relationships (employers, spouses, siblings, friends...)

  • Disappointments 

  • Low self-esteem 

  • Road rage

  • Financial blocks

  • Career blocks

  • And more...


Ellie to the rescue!

Phoenix Rising Healing
Ellie to the rescue!
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Ellie to the rescue!

Ellie to the rescue!

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Powerful energy work: Core issue of feeling she is "not enough" healed@The Phoenixrisingheal

Powerful energy work: Core issue of feeling she is "not enough" healed@The Phoenixrisingheal

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Family enjoying a new Toni - free of anxiety and depression after remote healing sessions with Ellie

Family enjoying a new Toni - free of anxiety and depression after remote healing sessions with Ellie

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Amazed by speedy results with remote healer Ellie Pechet

Amazed by speedy results with remote healer Ellie Pechet

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Written Testimonials for Emotional Issues I Heal for My Clients:

"I first met Ellie Pechet when she came to Rowe Camp and Conference Center to do a demonstration of her healing techniques. She is able to perform miraculous healings that are effective almost immediately and continue to work once the process has been completed. As a long-time student of energy healing myself, I am completely amazed at her ability to do this. There are tangible, noticeable differences in the energy she uses in a Yuen Healing versus a Reiki healing and she is able to switch modalities in a matter of minutes."

~ Jamie Durand, Shamballah Healer

​"Ellie worked with me for over an hour and I left her office 100% lighter, happier and much more clear concerning my part in this family drama than when I had arrived. I left her office healed of the emotional pain that had me bound be to the situation. The situation hadn't changed but I sure had! For me, it felt like nothing short of a miracle."

~ Jayne Billings, Co-owner, Chiron Promotions Whole Body & Spirit Expos


​"I feel helped on a higher level. I feel prosperous. My practice has literally exploded! The work you do is priceless.”                                                                    ~ Sharon Davis, Psychotherapist, Santa Rosa, CA 


"So glad to have met you at the retreat! My whole life I had a problem concerning money. As soon as I received any amount, it would be gone - I had this uncontrollable urge to get rid of it. Sometimes this would get me into financial problems. Before I came to the retreat I was upset and sad that it had just happened again. Somehow I knew this was a past life problem and decided to come to you. 

 Since my session, I no longer feel sad or guilty about finances. I have a clear perception about what needs to be done financially and feel confident when it comes to spending and budgeting. What a relief! Many thanks again!"

~ Diana Kelley, Denver, CO


​"My stomach is gurgling. I can't stop smiling. I no longer feel oppressed about money!

I feel energized, lighter and joyful!"

~ Polly Tarbell, Software Engineer, Maryland

"I knew how heavy-hearted my husband had been and it was so long that he had been feeling lousy. Ellie used her intuitive energy healing ability with him and after just his first session with Ellie, he came home a completely different person. It was great! We went out last night and we laughed together for the first time in a long time.

Ellie, you are a Godsend!"

~ Maureen Gordon

"The healing work with Ellie is an amazing process and she works really quickly. It has only been about 5 weeks that I have been going to her, yet, my life is so different now. I feel a lot more confident and strong and able to handle situations that come up better. My thinking is a lot clearer now and I am a victim no longer!"

~ Arnette Peccini


"I discovered Ellie in an article in the Cape Cod Times just when I needed a "midwife" to help me through a major transition. Ellie is a wise strong and gifted healer with a wide range of modalities. She has an almost magical focused energy that can transform one's heart, remove the curse of a life-long "presence" and long-lost native joy. I feel blessed that I discovered Ellie when I did; I'm not sure I could have made this transition without her."

~ Anne Bourne, Falmouth MA


"I am writing to tell you how appreciative I am for your help in dealing with my stage fright. The intuitive energy healing work session I had with you miraculously helped shift that energy. My recent Las Vegas presentation was amazingly stress free and it was by far the largest audience I have ever given a presentation to.

Thank you again for this gift."

~ Jayne Pelossi, Interior Designer


"I could feel the energy moving in my body and when we were finished I can honestly say that years of guilt and sadness had been miraculously lifted away. Weeks later the feeling of relief is as strong as it was initially."

~ Lynda Schneider


"Before my healing session with Ellie Pechet I was feeling down and confused; still feeling the effects of a recent divorce. I was especially impressed with Ellie's ability to accurately diagnose the size and stage of a fibrous tumor that I was receiving medical treatment for. As a result of my healing session I felt an overall sense of

well being and inner peace."

~ G. Regan, Food Service Manager


"My whole life I felt tense, anxious and unable to focus. After just 2 sessions of Ellie doing her intuitive energy healing work with me, I feel free of the guilt and anxiety that have always plagued me. This is especially true in regards to issues with my Mother that I had been unsuccessful at resolving until I came to see Ellie. I highly recommend her for Counseling and her intuitive energy healing work. "

~ Kim Hahn


"I feel like I have had an awakening. Her intuitive energy healing is amazing. Though we only focused on one thing, it has already affected so many areas of my daily life. I feel gentler and a lot less reactive, especially with my family. Thank you Ellie!"

~ Michelle Gordon, Intuitive Readings and Sessions


"Thank you seems such an insufficient way to convey how grateful I am. From that first desperate phone call, your insight has amazed me. What I thought was a problem, we discovered was merely a symptom. I've learned to pay attention to how I feel, and to use that in my daily life to stay comfortable with myself. To use one of my favorite analogies, I still sometimes feel like the guy in the rowboat without a paddle, but at least now I know I can swim."

~ Kevin Geary