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Remote healing to permanently clear blockages, memories and old conditioning


infinity symbol = energy healing, remote balancing and healing


As the founder of Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing, my mission is to energetically clear negative conditioning, experiences, and traumas my clients have accumulated over their lifetimes. By energetically dissolving imprints held in the body, keeping so many stuck and in pain, my clients are able to enjoy lives that are now happy, joyous and free.


As an Intuitive Counselor, it is my passion to clear emotional issues and physical conditions so that my clients can live in their true essence instead of pain and reactivity. Those I work with are able to move beyond past or present traumas, painful memories  and false conditioning and are able to feel at peace about who they are and how they want to live the rest of their life.

Helping those I work with genuinely love themselves more, naturally leads to them spreading more love and positive energy to those around them.  Doing good deeds is a natural result and an important part of my work with clients. The more I heal them, the better they feel and the more love and good deeds they do for those around them and beyond. This is how we help the world heal, by healing ourselves first. Every person makes a difference. Every person has an impact on the world whether they realize it or not. The healthier and more positive each one of us is, the healthier society and our planet becomes. 


Helping issues for my clients also helps them fulfill their soul contracts, also known as their Divine purpose. With the Pechet Healing Techniqueyou will receive the highest level of healing available to humankind. 

With each and every session, I clear one of your core issues at the cellular level - the deepest level possible. 

Every time I work with you, you will experience a profound shift that produces increased inner peace, and lightness and brings you closer to who you really are, not who others from your past had you believing you were up to now. I look forward to helping you make profound progress on your journey!


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