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Metaphysical Healing



Metaphysical Healing is one of Ellie Pechet's natural abilities is Medical Intuition. She uses this ability to identify imbalances and blockages related to your physical symptoms or conditions. She is also able to obtain information about injuries you may have. 


A medical intuitive scan can serve as a blueprint for your healing work moving forward. Ellie does not discourage clients from seeking medical treatment; in many instances such as working with clients who are being medically treated for cancer, both approaches can be effective simultaneously. 


The Pechet Healing Technique enhances medical treatment and accelerates healing and recovery. In addition, conditions that might have been missed by the medical profession may be picked up during a Medical Intuitive Scan.

Medical Intuitive Scan

A blueprint for the treatment of a medical condition or symptom(s) is created as the result of doing a Medical Intuitive Scan. These scans are done from head to toe and the conditions that are most important to work on become evident, in order of priority, during the scan. The scan helps determine a course of action that will facilitate healing most quickly.


Often, Ellie will recommend a combination of energy work with supportive counseling in order to facilitate the healing process, and gives intuitive suggestions that the client can implement on a practical level to help accelerate progress.

The scan is an important first step in working with a client seeking help who has a physical symptom or condition. Thyroid condition, problems related to digestion such as colitis or IBS, chronic neck and back pain, heart conditions and vision problems, are just a few examples of the types of symptoms clients bring to Ellie, seeking information and assistance.

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