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Mediumship and Intiuitive Readings





An intuitive session is one in which a medium or channel communicates with those individuals who have crossed over into the non-physical plane (afterlife). The spirit in the non-physical realm often has a "conversation" with the medium in order to communicate with those (you) in the physical realm.


This communication is especially helpful:

  • If you are grieving and have unresolved issues with a loved one who has passed and you want to connect

  • If you want to check-in, and see how your loved one is doing on the other side

  • If you would like to know if they are around you

  • If you want to make sure they did in fact cross over

  • If you are concerned that they might still be Earth-bound.


When a spirit is Earth-bound, Ellie can assist their transition to the Light which will make it easier for them to come back and communicate with you, unencumbered. Ellie uses her intuition and ability to communicate with the spirit.


As a Medium, Ellie facilitates clear communication between you and those you wish to connect with. Clients are often touched by the accuracy with which she will describe the person they came to make a connection with. Ellie does not need a photograph or any information other than the person in spirit's first name. She will often produce one or more of the following types of "evidence" ("proof" in Mediumship terms) that she has made contact: an accurate physical description of the person you are trying to contact; personality traits such as, mannerisms and phrases they used while alive, cause of death, or an ailment they were dealing and specific "words of wisdom" they have which are pertinent to the person sitting for the reading.


Often, the family member or friend in spirit will answer questions and help clarify circumstances that may have seemed confusing when they died. Clients almost always report that they feel relieved and experience peace of mind after a Mediumship session with Ellie. She recommends that clients take notes. However, there are times that the person in spirit will give her a "dictation," in which she writes down everything they say until they are done (such as the circumstances under which they passed on). She will then read this to you and give you a copy.


Angel Readings are done in a similar fashion to Mediumship. Ellie makes a connection with the client's main Angel. Your main Angel has been with you since birth and knows you most deeply. As soon as Ellie establishes a connection with your Angel, she continues to listen with her intuitive ear and writes down everything your Angel wants or needs to convey to you during that reading. She writes until your Angel completes what she or he has to say. If you have a specific area or question that has not been addressed, Ellie will pose the question and share your the answer your angel gives. 


As Guides are spirits that connect to the living through Mediums and others in tune with the other world, Angels serve from the other side to provide certain purposeful help for those who are still living. Conversely, negative earthbound spirits are spirits who need to move on. You should also know that a typical spirit does not experience a positive shift to a higher level of consciousness until he or she returns to the Light and participates in a life review. This step is hugely important in each individual's spiritual growth.


What is an Intuitive?


We are all energy; frequencies of light. Intuitives are individuals who have honed their skills over many years in the art of intuitive spiritual communication. Intuitives raise our personal vibrational frequencies in order to connect with information and advice, to assist clients in achieving a deeper understanding of life and its challenges.


Ellie has the ability to understand and define options and paths for your future. She uses her intuition. She can see, feel, and hear what is transpiring within you energetically.  She also receives feedback from her own Guides as well as yours and can see the visual pictures they present, which she will then share with you. Ellie is able to translate the information she receives in a way that makes sense to you and can assist you in making informed choices to attract into your life the most appropriate people and situations that you need or desire.


Commonly asked questions about Intuitive Readings:


Can an Intuitive sense or see what is going to happen before it happens?

If we are following our driving navigation system, we can make a fairly good prediction of turns and stops we are going to execute. However, we have free will and can decide to ignore the GPS. Intuitive readings tap into your "energetic navigation path" giving you the knowledge to make the most educated choice of which path to follow. Intuitive can "see" the path you are following. However, the future has not occurred yet, so you have the ability through free will to change the path you are following.

Why do people consult with Intuitives?

People develop an ongoing professional relationship with an intuitive advisor, much like one would use the services of a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, pastor or counselor. These professions provide a service to assist people to examine their past, present, and future. Each field has tools, language, and belief systems that vary, although often overlap.

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