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E.M.F Balancing Technique


EMF stands for Electro Magnetic Field. All matter is ultimately an electromagnetic phenomenon. An electromagnetic field permeates the entire body as subtle energy fibers. These energy fibers form patterns unique to each individual that make up their specific energy body. Energy bodies out of balance translate to lives out of balance. Energy quality translates to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Therefore, our well being depends upon the quality of our personal energy threads. These threads weave the fabric of our lives and are filled with the wisdom to appreciate who we truly are: spiritual beings having a human experience with a purpose.

E.M.F. Balancing aka Electromagnetic Field Balancing

Listed below are the first four of eight Phases available, each designed with its own procedure, energy grid, and benefits. The phases are performed in a sequential pattern and for most people only need to be done once. One of the most common results clients notice after going through the EMF process is a sense of being more balanced and a greater feeling of connection overall. Clients also notice they are much less reactive to situations and individuals who have bothered them before. This is an effective technique for helping individuals acclimate to the current changes being experienced on the earth at this time — the result is a strengthening of the connection between the individual’s personal energy grid and the universal energy grid. If you are an Indigo or Crystal adult or child, this technique will be especially beneficial for you because of your naturally high level of sensitivity!


Phase I: Wisdom and Emotions
This session releases stress and imprints a new pattern of freedom and well being.  Feel the energetic balance between head and heart.

Self Direction

Phase II: Self Direction and Support
This session gracefully releases the energy blockage of old emotional issues and promotes awareness of your own Personal Empowerment Prism.

Core Energy

Phase III: Radiate Core Energy
This phase increases the radiating of core energy which allows inner wisdom to manifest more frequently in your daily life. Conditions no longer useful to your growth simply fall away.

Energetic Accomplishment

Phase IV: Energetic Accomplishment

In this fourth balancing, a connection and communication with future Self is established through the Future Potential Prism, allowing future potential energy to be manifested into present reality.

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