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Removal of a demonic possession


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​Demonic Possession 

As Ellie's abilities to discern negative entities developed, she started to recognize images often depicted in religious books illustrated with images of  "hell' as the underworld - demons etc around some of her clients. These depictions closely resemble what Ellie sees around clients who are experiencing this issue. When a client with a possession issue comes for help, Ellie can see demons or other negative energy forms that are within them or surrounding them. They often appear as unattractive figures—distorted and non-human.


Demons are negative entities in the etheric world. They are low on the evolutionary scale and appear evil. They can communicate with and manipulate the people they prey on. Ellie has witnessed their destructive influence on her clients' lives. They exist on the lower planes and it is true that they can possess humans. Once Ellie discovers them, however, they realize they cannot stay. Their preference is actually to go back to the underworld. Many cultures depict demons as malicious entities living in the underworld and those are accurate depictions. 


Demons can take on the form of the spirits of ancestors, normal looking humans - or animals. These are a few of the different ways in which they appear to Ellie when she is working with clients who come to her needing a demon exorcism.

After remotely removing a demon from her adult son, one mother writes:

"Thank you, Ellie, for working with John and helping to set him free.  He texted me all last night and he was excited to do even simple things like walk to the gas station and  talk to strangers.  He told me how "comforting" it was to talk to you and how he wished you lived nearby. Thank you for sharing your Gift of Healing with so many and for blessing us with your connection to the Divine. You make our world a better and happier place."              

Cynthia W.

 Fairbanks, Alaska - Demon + Spirit Removed. John W.

Switzerland - Demon Removal and Emotional Issues Healed via Zoom

Phoenix: Scott before Demon Clearing

Phoenix: Liz before Demon Clearing

North Carolina - Erin describes how she feels after Ellie removed a demon and sent her friend's spirit to the light.

Scott after Demon Clearing

Liz after Demon Clearing

Exorcist, Exorcism & Demon Clearing

Ellie will identify whether the negative presence with her client is a spirit attachment, demon, or some other type of entity. She then speaks with the entity and obtains information that is pertinent as to how it has been effecting her client, the length of time it has been with the person, and physical and or emotional symptoms it may be causing or exacerbating.

Ellie shares this information with her client. She then removes the demon from the client, sending it to the underworld.

After Ellie removes the demon, her clients nearly always say they feel a significant and immediate improvement and sense of well being overall. They report feeling noticeably lighter as well as calm and free from the anxiety they had been experiencing. Clients often remark that they feel more expansive and taller compared to feeling shut down and afraid prior to the demon being removed.

The negative beings Ellie removes do not return. She teaches clients how to protect themselves and quickly identify a negative entity if they do attract another one in the future.

After any and all negative entities have been removed, any core emotional, physical or spiritual issues remaining with the client can be cleared in subsequent sessions. One core issue is healed for good every session. The Pechet Healing Technique, developed by Ellie Pechet over 33 years, is used to produce these results. Every issue she clears lasts and typically only needs to be dealt with one time.



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