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What sets Ellie Pechet apart from other healers is she has the unique ability to clear an entire emotional issue or trauma every session. Instead of spending weeks, months or years — paying thousands and thousands of dollars to learn how to cope and live with your specific challenges — Ellie helps you to become permanently free and clear of whatever issues you are still carrying from the past. She also clears current life issues such as a transition in a job, a move or a relationship that is changing direction.


What also makes Ellie unique is that she is experienced and highly effective in removing negative entities. The number of sessions needed for this type of work depends on the nature of the entity or possession. Regardless of how many sessions are needed, you can be 100% certain that you will be entirely free once her work is done.


Ellie lives on the South Shore of Massachusetts and conducts her healing sessions and works primarily with her clients via phone and Skype worldwide. No matter where you are, within 50 minutes, you will be feeling peaceful, light, and free with the certainty that you will never be burdened by that issue again. 




“ I no longer feel the resentment I had toward my sister for so many years. You cleared it in just one session. Priceless”

~ Marylee Swanson


“Ellie is amazing. The real deal. Ellie not only passed on a message from my deceased grandfather, but her clearing session felt like a 'spring cleaning' for the soul. When she says she can simply 'clear' you of any deep-seeded emotional issue, or debilitating pain, that's exactly what she means. It's as if she gently reaches in and removes all the 'unseen' obstacles, to reach the very core of your issue.

You are cognizant of the process, and in complete control, the entire time. The session was comfortable, relaxing, affirming, and natural. And afterwards? I can't even remember the journey to the depths of the emotional issue she 'cleared'.  I can't remember how she got me there. It's just...GONE. I feel a skip in my step, a fresh perspective on life. She is a HEALER. It's simply amazing. I wish I would have found her sooner.”

 ~ Melissa M.


"I feel like I am vibrating at a higher level since my sessions with you and I am noticing I am feeling a lot more joy! I am also impressed about how much you are able to help me remotely by phone."

 ~ Leslie Griffith, Pediatric Oncology Nurse




When you go into a session with Ellie you can be sure of 3 things:


  • Whatever topics or issues you want resolved will be healed for good. Once they are cleared, they will not return.


  • Every time you work with Ellie she clears whatever issue has the highest priority and greatest healing effect. You can feel confident knowing for certain that every session is a significant step toward liberating you from those things that have up until now, stopped you from living life on your terms.


  • By the time the session is over, you will feel at peace and neutral about the person, memory or situation that was the focus of that session.


Are you ready to be free from whatever has been holding you back from living your life with joy, inner peace and a sense of meaningful purpose?


Are you ready to live your life without fear and anxiety?

Call now to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation.



​Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and although I have a high rate of success, I do not guarantee results.


Pechet Healing Technique


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