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Distance Healing




Imagine being able to experience the benefits of Intuitive Counseling and Symptom Clearing Session work with Ellie Pechet, one of the most gifted healers in the world, without having to physically go to her office for your sessions.
Long-distance intuitive counseling and deep healing work are just as effective over the phone as in her office. You are able to access and receive the miracles of session work with Ellie from the comfort of your own home or office... no matter where you are. During every session, your most important issue is identified and healed...for good. Every issue only needs to be focused on one time which makes the Pechet Healing Technique very efficient!
You provide me the list of what you need me to clear for you and every session the most important item on your list is dissolved and will stay that way. I also balance your interior energy field and raise your vibration. As I work with you, not only does the level of charge of the issue become noticeably less as I am working with you; you also become deeply relaxed! You may notice beautiful colors or get insights and clarity you haven't received before.
A gentle yet profound recalibration will continue over the next 2-3 days after every session. in the tranquility of your own home instead of having to shift into a mental state: getting in your car, driving in traffic, etc. This way you can continue to enjoy the sacred space that has just been created.
Enjoy the benefits of profound, high level healing that lasts in the comfort of your own home. This might be a great time to heal any unresolved issues especially if you are spending more time at home due to the covid virus.
Plus, you will be saving travel time, gas, and reducing your carbon footprint.
Ellie Pechet, Remote Healer Extraordinaire

Check out the issues listed below to see how Ellie may help you and check out the testimonials page to hear from clients who have benefited from her work.

Are you ready for long-lasting, intuitive healing wherever you are in the world,

with Ellie Pechet, founder of the Pechet Healing Technique?

Most emotional, psychological, and physical conditions are treated as successfully over the phone as in person. Some of the emotional and physical/medical issues and conditions Ellie heals for her clients on a regular basis include:



Depression, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, phobias, insomnia, bipolar disorder, OCD, difficulty concentrating, ADD, hyperactivity, addictions, eating disorders, self-sabotaging behavior, irritability, relationship issues, couples issues, parenting issues, financial blocks, unresolved relationships from the past, and grief from a trauma or  the loss of a loved one.


Fibromyalgia, pain and stiffness, chronic neck and back pain, sciatica, thyroid conditions, pain related to a trauma or accident, asthma, skin problems, vision and hearing problems, digestive disorders such as colitis and IBS, heart disease, hormone imbalance, and food allergies and sensitivities.

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