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"Whenever someone tells me to ‘Just be happy,’ I want to yell, ‘Oh, hey, depression’s gone! Why didn’t I think of that?’ But usually I just roll my eyes instead.”Anonymous

Depression is sometimes confused with feeling sad, but it is much more than sadness. Sadness is a normal emotion in response to a significant event, such as losing someone you care about or being aware of an animal or person who is being miss-treated when there is nothing you can do to help in that instance.


Seeing people suffering in other parts of the world for those who watch the news can be considered a normal source of sadness and a response of empathy is a healthy reaction when seeing others suffer.


Depression, however, can sometimes be experienced in a way that is so intense, deep, and engulfing it can bring some to the darkest places they have ever been emotional. It can also last a long time and for some, most of their lives unless there is intervention by an excellent therapist or better yet, a skilled and experienced metaphysician who can help the client shift energetically and emotionally. 


Much more than sadness, depression is a condition that affects a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health, in severe cases, making it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and face the day. Another way of expressing a severe lack of motivation is what I refer to as being shut down. In such times, even normally simple tasks like doing the dishes, taking out the trash or returning a phone call can seem daunting.

A Positive Attitude


Depending on the severity of the depression, it can limit a person’s ability to grow and expand in other areas of their life, such as work and career and opportunities that come up to advance might be overlooked or avoided. The depressed individual does not feel up to the task of taking on even one more thing. When you feel good and experience a positive attitude and outlook and feel supported by life and those around you, it is natural to want to continue to grow and expand in all areas of your life. When you are depressed, you can barely make it through each day, never mind, expanding to the next level in any area. 

One client I worked with, Andrew had been depressed his whole life, for as long as he could remember. He experienced emotional neglect as a child and one of the results was that he felt unworthy. His low self-esteem affected his ability to have healthy relationships with others or advance in his career and he was always questioning his abilities and decisions. He was filled with self-doubt and told me he felt like a tortured soul. 

Relationships are impacted as a result of being withdrawn and unengaged, whether it is the ability to make and keep friends which takes energy and the ability to engage on a consistent basis, or a deeper, more committed relationship with a spouse or partner. Communication with those around you is often strained when a person is depressed and your spouse and friends often feel frustrated and helpless about how to get you to engage with them. They might feel like they are “pulling teeth” to get you to interact.

Another client I helped described her husband as being very depressed. She shared that when he would come home after work, he would get into bed and pull the covers over his head. He was very shut down and could function at his job, but was completely unavailable to be present and interact with his wife. She hired me to work with him remotely and after I did so for a few sessions, told me there was a huge difference in him.

He woke up the next morning after a session in a bright mood. He wanted to engage in conversation together and presented her with a smoothie he made for her. She couldn’t believe the change after my intervention and was very happy to have her husband back. 

Depression has different causes

Some friends and family may have the limiting belief that the label of depression is only valid when a person experiences a tragedy, loss, or major change in life. It can be a natural tendency to try to come up with excuses for such a debilitating condition.


The truth is, depression is not bound to the confinements of tragedy and can occur for different reasons. It is important for those of you experiencing depression to know that you are not alone. 

Seventy percent of Americans are on some kind of prescription drug and more than half receive at least two prescriptions. High on the list of drugs prescribed are antidepressants. Depression affects all ages, genders, backgrounds, and walks of life. 


Persistent depressive disorder, also called dysthymia (dis-THIE-me-uh), is a continuous long-term (chronic) form of depression. You may lose interest in normal daily activities, feel hopeless, lack productivity, and have low self-esteem and an overall feeling of inadequacy. These feelings last for years and may significantly interfere with your relationships, school, work, and daily activities.

According to Mayo Clinic, “If you have persistent depressive disorder, you may find it hard to be upbeat even on happy occasions — you may be described as having a gloomy personality, constantly complaining or incapable of having fun. Though persistent depressive disorder is not as severe as major depression, your current depressed mood may be mild, moderate or severe.”

Symptoms of Depression:

  • Sleep issues on an almost daily basis (either difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much)

  • Changes in appetite and weight or a decrease or increase in appetite nearly every day

  • Decreased energy or fatigue almost every day

  • Difficulty concentrating, making decisions, and thinking clearly

  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, a suicide attempt, or a specific plan for suicide


Types of depression & Other symptoms that often accompany depression:

  • Major Depression

  • Melancholia

  • Psychotic Depression

  • Antenatal and postnatal depression

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Cyclothymic Disorder

  • Dysthymic Disorder

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

If depression is not dealt with in an effective manner such as with metaphysician, exercise, healthy diet... the person experiencing depression on an ongoing basis might turn to increasingly destructive behaviors such as alcohol and drugs as ways to self-medicate, and in extreme cases, without effective intervention, suicide. Depression is the cause of over two-thirds of the 30,000 reported suicides in the U.S. each year.




As a Metaphysician with over 33 years of experience, using the technique I developed, I energetically dissolve the underlying issues that result in a client’s depression. The P.H.T. is a highly advanced technique that blends intuition, innovative counseling, and the energetic clearing of issues and symptoms at the cellular level which is the deepest level possible.


With Pechet Healing Technique sessions, you will experience lasting freedom from any issues you have such as trauma, depression, anxiety that have accumulated over the course of your life. You will begin to live your life the way you deserve to: happy, joyous and free from the past. You will feel confident and empowered, able to make decisions from a confident place within you. You will go from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful starting with your first session and you will feel better stronger and more motivated to engage in life with every subsequent session.


You will experience a profound shift from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and insecure, to living in a state of inner peace. Nothing is more valuable than inner peace. When clients first come to me, they tell me they are unable to enjoy and engage with their spouses, families, and career the way they would like to if they were not depressed. They feel like they have minimal quality of life and have lost hope that they will ever be able to feel peaceful, happy, and excited about life.


During the first part of each session Clients who are experiencing depression are able to open up and talk about their feelings in a nurturing environment that is always free from judgment. This is the first step toward healing.


The Pechet Healing Technique - developed over the past 33 years then moves into the metaphysical, energy healing part of the session. I am able to access a higher level of intuition and at that point, will intuit the issue the client needs me to heal that session. With depression, there may be several causes contributing to this condition; feeling unloved as a child, un-important and feelings of guilt are just a few common causes of depression. Many clients I work with felt unsupported by their family while growing up and experience low self-esteem. 


An undercurrent of depression typically follows them the rest of their life until they find me or another skilled and experienced practitioner. I literally heal broken hearts for my clients and consider this an honor and an aspect of my most sacred work. Each client I work with is unique and has their own circumstances, interpretation, and story, and is met with empathy, understanding, and most important - the dissolving of one core issue each session.





Sessions with me are cumulative and the effect of each issue that is healed and resolved builds on the previous sessions. Clients become mentally clearer and more empowered with every session. Most clients begin with four sessions when they come to me with depression and sign up for more sessions because there are other issues they want me to heal for them so they can continue their progress.


In addition to having a significant issue healed each session, clients experience a sense of deep relaxation during their session that continues after their session. They also leave the session with their entire energy field balanced and filled with light.  The next few days after each session, clients experience a gentle re-calibration of their whole energetic system. They notice they are feeling more peaceful, positive, and that the quality of their life is improving significantly.


Whether you are struggling to come to terms with a tragedy, loss, fear, or are unsure where your depression stems from, I will help you by intuiting and then clearing the root causes of your symptoms so that you can live a happier, healthier, and more empowered life - free from depression. 


Whether you are struggling to come to terms with a tragedy, loss, fear, or are unsure where your depression stems from, I will help you by intuiting and then clearing the root causes of your symptoms so that you can live a happier, healthier, and more empowered life free from depression.                    


“In my sessions Ellie was able to clear Depression for me. Since then, I have felt like a different person and have no need for medication anymore! I feel clear, confident, and optimistic everyday and have a new outlook on everyday issues. I feel better equipped to deal with problem solving and conflict resolution, and like a whole new part of me has been brought back to life. I’m excited to work with Ellie further and am so thankful we have finally found someone with such an incredible gift and talent, who is so willing to work with all issues.

Thank you Ellie!”

Morgan, Wife and Mother, Nebraska

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