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Helping Your Pets Transition Feeling Cherished & Supported

TRIBUTE TO BAILEY: 1/25/2006-3/28/22

Dear Friend,

This blog is about helping our pets transition feeling heard, cherished and supported in their last chapter with us.

You will also read about:

- Bailey's story

- Why it's important to walk your pets through the process when it's time.

- When to hold your grief and when to express it.

- Consider your pet's feelings when it comes to if & how she needs assistance.

(For the sake of ease, I will use the feminine pronoun for male & female)

My own understanding and appreciation for the process our beloved pets go through as they near the end of their lives deepened a lot as I got to know and work with Bailey, a Border Collie who resided for a very long time with her human Les in Canada.

Bailey was 16 years old (112 in human years!) and had stayed with her human, Les long past her normal life span. When I first came into the picture, even though she had advanced arthritis to the point that she was having trouble walking, Bailey insisted on going out to check on the cattle every day, and keeping the coyotes away from the new born calves, along with her other duties to help things run smoothly on the cattle ranch. A devoted, loyal and tireless worker, Bailey became my hero as I got to know and work with her. I became further endeared as she communicated with me her wants, needs and desires toward the end of her life.

Remote Healings:

When I did my first healing on her, she was having trouble standing on her own. As I tuned in to her to see what the leading cause was, I intuited severe arthritis. That was the focus of my first 2 healing sessions with Bailey. After the first healing, she was able to get up on her own and was walking again.

In one of her subsequent sessions, I intuited spine degeneration. This was causing her a lot of discomfort and was making it increasingly difficult for her to walk. I did a healing focusing on that and imprinted her with a