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Remote Healing for Pets

Remote healing for pets
Bees get tired too!

Thank you for reading my newsletter. I hope you enjoy the article and

and invite you to reach out with any feedback or questions. I decided to write about one of my favorite subjects this month...our beloved furry, feathered and watery friends and just how meaningful their presence in our lives is. This article is a little longer than usual, read as much or as little as you like!

"You can get aggravated with your pets and yell at them but in a matter of minutes, they are licking your hand again in love" Silvia Brown, Medium

Isn't this the truth? We can lose our patience, get annoyed because we don't think our pets are "listening" or doing what we want them to do and yet, they continue to love us unconditionally.

I believe wholeheartedly that our pets come to us with sacred contracts to fulfill just as we humans come to earth to fulfill our sacred contracts.

And just as we pick our parents to learn certain lessons, (many of which are often difficult), our pets come to help us emotionally, physically and spiritually.

In return, all we need to do is deeply appreciate them, do our best to understand them, and meet their emotional and physical needs to the best of our ability.

You're probably familiar with the term "forever home."

When we make the decision to get a pet it is so important that we are willing to be responsible for them their entire life, especially when it feels "inconvenient" because at times it will. This is especially true as they age! I met a dog once who was becoming incontinent. There was no reason to reprimand him, he was already embarrassed. Compassion is what pets need, especially as they age.

Our pets come to us to be of service for reasons we might not understand yet. Just as humans can suffer from a broken heart, our pets who are also emotional beings, can also experience a broken heart. There are exceptional circumstances when a care giver is unable to continue to take care of their pet, however, that doesn't make it any less traumatic for a pet to be given away. And unless they understand why this is happening, they are likely to believe they are being rejected and it is because they failed their human. Which leads me to another important point. You can communicate with your pet and they will understand you. Let them know of any significant changes coming up i.e. a new family member, a move, a vacation...They want to be included because they truly consider themselves a member of the family and they are!

It helps if you send visual images to your pet while you are communicating to them and will help them understand what you are wanting to convey. Not only will this reduce anxiety for your pet when changes are happening, communicating with them regularly will bring the two of you closer. Try it, it works!

A personal story about my pet companion : I had no inclination to get a reptile of any sort. One day when I was in my 20's, a friend spontaneously literally showed up with a turtle the day after I shared a dream I had about a turtle the night before. In that moment when Marla was standing in front of me, I realized that this sentient being was now my responsibility and took it on. I learned how to take care of her and she ended up staying with me for 32 years! At the time, I had no idea she was one of my Soulmates and had deliberately contacted me through my dream that night, then inspired my friend to get her as a gift the next day. There is so much more than we realize when it comes to many of the experiences we have...until we take the time to understand on a deeper level. After being a wonderful companion for about 32 years, Ellie Jr. felt she had fulfilled her Sacred contract with me and wanted to live the next chapter of her life in a more natural setting. Long story short, she is currently living in a natural pond in North Carolina. She has made friends with other turtles there, eats a natural diet of minnows, fish eggs and vegetation to her heart's content and even has a turtle boyfriend. Although it was very painful for me to let her go in the beginning, eventually I came to understand she needed to do this for herself. I am very grateful for the long period of time she was with me and loving the fact that she is living her dream now. Periodically, I do a remote viewing to check on her and make sure she is doing okay. One time it was in the middle of winter and I found her hibernating at the bottom of the pond! When we connected, she was very lethargic as a result of slowing her entire system down to conserve energy. She was responding to me in really slooooowww motion. I learned that the process I observed is called Brumation in which conserving energy becomes an essential key towards survival due to a lack of food in a natural setting in winter. It was fascinating to experience my long time companion this way and kept my visit very short to support her efforts to conserve energy.

remote healing for pets
Remote healing for pets

Ellie Jr the turtle - Sentient being & quite a character!

Our Soul Connections with our Pets:

One of my favorite books, written by Silvia Brown is called "All Pets Go To Heaven"

She says "I'm convinced that the reason animals never become earth bound ghosts is because their Souls are so pure"

I agree with her and after writing a book about my own work identifying and removing different types of unwanted energy beings from (human) clients the last 20 + years,

(Hitching A Ride, A Guide To Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You) I can say I have never encountered a pet who was earthbound.

However, our pets do reincarnate and often come back to be with us humans again and again.

One of my neighbors had a wonderful dog named Sophie. She asked for my assistance when Sophie was 15 and started her process of transitioning. Several months after she died, she decided to get a puppy, (same breed), and named her Daisy. As I got to know Daisy, it didn't take long before I realized that she was actually Sophie and had come back to be with her beloved human. What a beautiful gift!!

A wonderful book/film about a dog who keeps returning to their human is called

A Dog's Purpose. Watch the trailer below:

Remote healing for pets
Remote healing for pets

My feline companions Snickers and Blue came back to me in this life and were both with me for 20 & a half years. Even though they are no longer in physical form now, we continue to communicate. The three of us enjoyed multiple lives together in the past - my favorite was when we were dolphins a very long time ago.

Just know that even if our Beloved pets are no longer with us in physical form, they are still around us, wanting and willing to be of assistance.

If you're wondering about the special connection you have with your pet, (past or present) I do pet readings as well as healings on their emotional and physical issues just like I do with people. If your pet seems depressed, anxious, or is fearful of certain things, has chronic pain, UTI's or Lyme, I can help - usually for less than than the cost to go to a vet. I work with them remotely, using their photo the way I do sometimes with relatives of my human clients. Working with your pet remotely, they can relax in the comfort of their own home and

avoid the stress of going to a medical facility, being poked and prodded by strangers etc.

Remote healing for pets
Ellie Pechet

Remote healing for pets
Remote healing for pets

30 minutes - For You or Your Pets

- Understand how a past life is affecting you now and causing/contributing to certain unwanted patterns now. - Understand your pet more deeply by getting a reading about who she or he was in your most significant past life together. - Find out why she or he came to you this life


June Quote:

"I had suddenly experienced some pain on my lower left side of abdomen. I also felt an overall heaviness and felt there was another energy around me. I'm sensitive and also a healer and I feel it's important for those in the healing profession to get "tune ups!" I did my session with Ellie, she removed a female entity. I also had some long standing issues with my son and his partner. Ellie did a power packed session, clearing my field, clearing karma with my son, applying imprints, and more! My system recalibrated for about 3 days after the session and the pain is gone! I also feel like my energy is back in a flow.

Thank you Ellie!"

Sunshine Beeson, MA 508-237-4929 Effective, remote healing for individuals, couples, children and pets. *All sessions for you, your child or your pet are facilitated by Phone/Skype or a photo in the comfort of your own home

Remote healing for pets
Ellie Pechet, M.Ed., Metaphysician, Shaman

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician, Shaman, Remote Healer, Author


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