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Can We Die from a Broken Heart? Healing Grief and Depression Remotely

Thank you for your patience receiving this newsletter! I know it has been a little while since you heard from me. I took a couple of months hiatus to focus on relocating to a place I left part of my heart about 10 years ago...yes, I returned to California and have received a very warm welcome which helps me know that I am truly home.

I want to resume with what I think is a hot topic for this month's newsletter: the profound connection between our emotions and thoughts and how they affect our physical health. In the recent past, I wrote about the connection between long held resentment and cancer. This article is about increasing the quality and longevity of our life by healing the emotional issues that affect our heart. I have healed many broken hearts over the years. It's one of my favorite things to do for clients! Many studies are finally showing that prolonged grief and depression can cause a broken heart which leads to heart disease. There is even a term for this now called "broken heart syndrome".

Did you know heart disease has become the #1 cause of death for both sexes and among all ethnic and racial groups? I hope you find this article valuable and invite you to reach out with any questions or comments.

Valerie describes how she feels after a session with Ellie. Click the link now to listen:

Healing worry and anxiety

Healing Grief and Depression Remotely: Mind/Body connection:

If you are reading this newsletter, you are probably aware of the concept of the mind/body connection. How easy it is to go unconscious though and forget how important our thoughts are which affect our emotions, which then create our reality. Chronic stress and depression cause a significant decrease in Serotonin and Dopamine, which are known as the "feel good" hormones. A chronic decrease in these hormones creates imbalance in our physical bodies because these hormones help regulate mood, sleep, and motivation. Think about how you feel when you hear difficult news about someone or something you care about. Prolonged sad or discouraging thoughts effect your whole being and decrease energy and motivation. Prolonged grief or sadness often causes a person to shut down and decreases one's vital life force and their ability to feel joy. Our physical bodies respond to every thought we think and every emotion we feel. Just 1 Example: Picture a pickle. Take a moment and imagine biting into it. Just thinking about biting into the pickle probably causes you to start salivating. This is just an example of the mind/body connection. Are you grieving or depressed? Many people don't even realize they are depressed because they have gotten so used to feeling this way on a regular basis. If you (or someone you know) have trouble sleeping through the night, experience low energy on a regular basis, have trouble getting through the day, feel moody or notice a significant increase or decrease in appetite, these are a few signs that you may be depressed. A woman whose young adult son was murdered his first year in college shut down for 7 years following her loss. She signed up for sessions after hearing me speak at an Afterlife conference. I was able to heal her grief remotely and bring her to profound peace about her son her first remote session with me. Click the Link now to listen:

Remotely Healing Grief

Our most challenging life experiences are often our greatest lessons on a higher level. We agreed to have these experiences before we incarnated to help us so grow as a human and (bigger picture) on a Soul level. But we don't have to get "stuck" in the experience of the lesson and it's important that we don't so we can move on in our lives with the understanding of it but no longer carrying the emotional charge(depression, anger, grief...). This is how we develop Mastery in life. Sometimes we need professional help processing and energetically clearing difficult thoughts and emotions associated with our more challenging experiences - so they don't become a pattern that keeps us from living our life to its fullest. Heal Your Heart: If not healed as they come up, difficult experiences accumulate over your life and you become increasingly bogged down emotionally, then physically. The physical body can sustain so much before it starts getting sick and tired; especially our hearts! However, when your most profound issues are healed energetically, you are literally creating a clean slate for your life on all levels! You will be keeping your heart healthy and you'll have the hormone reserves you need (adrenaline/fight/flight...) when a stressful life event happens in the future. Summary: These are a few tips for becoming healthier and improving the quality of your life on a daily basis: 1 - Monitor your thoughts more starting now. When a negative or fear thought comes into your head, catch yourself and immediately replace it with a positive thought. 2 - Start increasing an alkaline ph by eating less processed foods, alcohol and sugar and increasing your daily diet of organic vegetables, a moderate amount of fruits and clean protein (humanely treated if animal protein). 3 - Exercise more on a daily basis, whether it's in a health club or even better... out in nature, especially now that it's spring. 4 - Consider remote healing sessions with an exceptional professional who can clear your most significant issues for good. Energetically dissolving issues such as depression, grief, sadness, broken heart etc. are my calling and what I do best. Call or email me to schedule a free 20 minute consultation. 508-237-4929 Love, Ellie ❤

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed., Remote Healing for Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Trauma

How to find Hope and be able to Believe again, Remote Healing


"I feel so much better since the clearing work Ellie did with me. I feel like the emotional ball and chain has been lifted. "

Pam H. N.Y.

Freedom from the bondage of the past, healing childhood issues remotely

Remote Healer Ellie Pechet, Metaphysician, Healing fro grief depression and more 508-237-4929 Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician, Shaman, Remote Healer, Author Effective, remote healing for individuals, couples, children and pets. *All sessions for you, your child or your pet are facilitated by Phone/Skype or a photo in the comfort of your own home


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