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My previous newsletter was a tribute to a very special canine named Bailey - about helping your pets make their transition with grace, feeling loved and supported. ❤

This newsletter is in celebration of my favorite time of year...SPRING!

After "hibernating" to some extent all winter, don't you just love seeing all the new life in the forms of human and animal babies, buds, flowers and leaves bursting open?

Perhaps to you too, they symbolize the chance we all have to begin again.

Like a bear making her way out of the cave after slumbering during the short winter months, stepping once again in to the light, beauty and new possibilities, we can choose to do the same...

First of all, remember that you are loved. You might not have felt loved when you were growing up. Know that your experiences are real and valid. It is also true that we all came into this life to learn specific lessons and have experiences our soul agreed to have before we incarnated. These lessons are almost never easy, but they are important for you to advance as a Soul. The process does not have to be life long. As soon as you understand a specific lesson, you can move on instead of repeating the pattern and staying miserable.

If there are things you have done in the past that you still feel bad about, don't keep playing the tape over and over again in your head because it is destructive!

Instead, look at what the lesson might be from what you did. Were you dabbling in something you knew was forbidden when people found out, then shamed you for it?

Were you judged harshly even though you were young and experimenting and did not intend to cause harm to anyone?

If your mother or another primary person in your life judged you for something you did, there is a good chance you internalized her shaming and continue to think of yourself as a bad or defective person even though the experience happened many years ago!

Shaming another person, (especially a child) and self shaming is never healthy or loving.

Maybe you needed to have that experience for your Soul's growth.

Reflecting on past experiences and understanding yourself more deeply are acts of compassion and good self care. Doing this also helps you grow and feel more at peace with precious you. The less judgmental you are with yourself, the less critical you will be with others and your capacity for intimacy with others will increase.

Isn't it time to cut yourself some slack? The more you love yourself, the more you can love others. And as you do, your life just keeps getting better. 😘

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says " I'm Possible"! - Audrey Hepburn

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"During my sessions, Ellie intuitively clarifies my issues then heals them. I spent years suffering from depression. She healed my depression in as little as several phone sessions."

~Laura Westlake, New York

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Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician,

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