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Are You Feeling More Anxious Than Your "Usual" lately?

Take a moment to check in with yourself... Are you feeling more anxious, isolated or depressed since the virus started? It's only been a few months, yet our world as we have known it has changed in so many ways.

Change causes stress - especially when there is a lot of it.

You are not alone if the pandemic has caused you to feel more discouraged or helpless then usual. And if you were already prone to anxiety or depression, the virus has probably increased these painful symptoms.

Help For You: I can help you by healing any fears you may have about catching the virus or your family members getting sick. I can also completely heal any pre-existing issues such as anxiety, depression, fear of change, PTSD, anger... Every session, I energetically and deliberately access the deepest level possible of the issue that is troubling you the most and clear it for good. Physical conditions take more than one session because they involve both emotional and physical aspects.

Each time I work with you, you will feel deeply relaxed and peaceful.

Best of all, every session, your list of key issues, symptoms and traumatic memories get shorter. How? I clear the issue that energetically tests to be the highest priority for you for good.

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If you or one of your family members becomes sick with the virus, I have had success healing clients and their family members who got COVID-19.

(See April Newsletter or blog on website)

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This Week's Testimonials

" I am very picky about my healers and I'm so grateful I found Ellie. She is deeply and energetically thorough, meaning she really gets to the core of the issues and takes her time making sure she is working to release the blocks that have built up over time. Just three sessions so far and issues are clearing for me that have been very difficult to clear.

It's hard to put into words, but I've had so many synchronicities, and connection to my guides and inner wisdom, not to mention doors opening that have been closed for years. I sent my husband and after one session, I could see the difference in him as well. This is a long overdue transformation in my marriage, that therapists, and other healers couldn't get to. I believe we are all in an Ascension time and everyone needs Ellie's work to help clear the timelines and programs that keep us disempowered. If you want freedom from your suffering, call Ellie."

Cynthia, Easthampton, MA

"I have been doing emotional and physical (cancer) healing work with Ellie Pechet for a few months now and continue to be impressed with her gifts and innate kindness! am so blessed that Ellie Pechet has also been doing long-distance healing work with my family. I feel that Ellie saved my sister-in-law’s life when she got the virus, and I’m so grateful Ellie also healed my college-age son who recently exhibited symptoms of Covid-19." Silvia, R.I.

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