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Winter Time Blues - Reviewing 2018 - Setting the Imprint for 2019…

Have you ever woken up on a COLD winter morning, and realized

that the last thing you wanted to do is get out of bed

and go through the motions of your busy day?

This happens for a lot of people, especially as the days are getting colder

 and we start to move into the Winter/Holiday Season.

As the days grow shorter, the winter season can bring on new challenges

when it comes to how we feel. Anxiety, dread, and even a

sense of confinement can start to creep in as we have less light

and it can be easy to start to feel down, especially for those prone to

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)

The winter months going into the holidays can also be a wonderful time

to go within and reflect on this past year. You might take some time

and check in with yourself about how things went with your job or

career? Are you where you want to be when it comes to your work in the world? Have you been growing in your relationship with yourself?

How are your relationships with your spouse or family?

While reflecting about the year that will be concluding soon,

you might start to look at how you would like the coming year

to be different. A few questions you might want to

reflect on and journal about:

What didn't I accomplish this past year that I would like to achieve

in the coming year? How do I heal the past issues that have continued

to create feelings of anxiety or depression?