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Are You Struggling With Trauma From Past Sexual Harassment or Trauma?

Current happenings in the news for sexual miss-conduct.

Sexual misconduct seems to be running rampant in our public work places and beyond. Take the current case in which Christine Blasey Ford discloses to the public, the experience she had in which she describes an incidence of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh. Dr. Ford did not want to come forward which is typical of trauma survivors. She shared her experience about what happened to her that evening which took a lot of courage, (the trauma as a result of the incident is well documented in her therapist's notes) Her testimonial and the other women who have come forward, reveals a dark and hidden side about an individual who was about to be appointed as a supreme court judge, one of the highest roles/positions in our country.

Dr. Ford is not alone; many women have experienced sexual trauma or harrassment whether it is in the home, the workplace, or public settings and have been discouraged from speaking up. The MeToo movement is helping change this by supporting and encouraging women who experienced abuse to come forward and speak up. In my healing/counseling practice, I have helped countless clients over the years who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of sexual harassment and trauma whether the abuse happened when they were children or as adults.

Date Rape Trauma: A client named "Kayla" was in college. She was at a club with a mixed group of friends one night. She was persuaded by an acquaintance to "have just one more drink." He went to get it for her and spiked the drink with a drug that rendered her unconscious a short time after. She found herself going in and out of consciousness as he proceeded to carry her into a hotel room where he proceeded to rape her multiple times that night.

That event scarred Kayla for many years and left her with many symptoms including:

• nightmares

• chronic anxiety

• low self-esteem

• isolation

• feelings of being shut down

• fear to engage with life

• insecurity around relationships and intimacy

Kayla suffered the results of what happened for approximately ten years until she discovered me and the Pechet Healing Technique. She signed up for some sessions and I was able to dissolve the multiple aspects of the trauma she had been holding. As a result of her sessions with me, Kayla came to a place of profound peace and felt neutral about the rape incident for the first time in over ten years. Her confidence returned and she was open to developing relationships.

Please know that you don’t have to struggle in silence any longer. Try not to be afraid to speak up because it will only delay your healing if you keep your feelings suppressed.

I am able to dissolve trauma that has gotten trapped in the neural pathways, something that very few practitioners are able to do.

I can help you come to a place of peace about whatever has happened in the past so that you can manifest all you desire; whether it is deeper intimacy in relationships, expanding your career or enjoying true freedom from the past.

As a result of our work together, you can look forward to:

• inner peace

• healthy self-esteem

• healthy, deeper relationships

• past incidents won't weigh you down anymore

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