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How to Move Into Your Authentic Power

As a result of over 30 years of helping clients shift out of unconscious-based fear and into their authentic power, I like to define authentic power as a person's natural state of being. I also think of one's authentic power as their true essence.

When the ego in engaged, it is fear-based and runs on what is known in many spiritual communities as "old paradigm" ways of thinking and existing in the world.

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Old paradigm ways of being are based on primitive needs from long ago when physical survival was paramount. Competition, scarcity and survival are all examples of old paradigm and have been reinforced by our parents and society. As we have continued to evolve, along with modern technology at least in our society, physical survival has become a lot less of an issue on all levels.

We have the ability to create and manifest the results we want from a higher, more developed level. Think of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It's about the Law of Attraction and one's ability to manifest and change one's reality for the better. Her book has been very popular because the concept resonates as deep truth for many. Many of us tend to be creatures of habit though, especially when it comes to thoughts based on our conditioning, and our experiences growing up. We tend to get stuck in unhealthy, old ways of thinking and how we have tended to perceive our experiences. Our current perceptions are clouded by what happened in our past. When we are able to release the old events that are still affecting our perception with current relationships and other situations, we can see, perceive and experience them clearly rather than through a distorted filter.

Until we become aware of what is going on in our unconscious, changing the old, dysfunctional ways of responding is difficult. How do we become liberated from repeating the same pattern over and over again whether its the relationships we attract, a lack of prosperity, or chronic anxiety? 1 - Become conscious of the old programs and reactions. 2 - Find an effective way to truly clear them - energetically. Every instance in which you are freed of an old pattern, way of thinking, or reaction based on old conditioning, you are one step closer to being in your authentic power and living a conscious, empowered life. Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of Calling In The One, encourages her readers to go within and increase their awareness about which programs from the past are still running in the background, keeping them from being happy and attracting the healthy love they want and deserve. Her message is so important. In other words, change your inner world and your outer world changes. The truth is, it's always an inside job. As we master the inside, we can more easily co-create with the Universe all that will bring us joy and fulfillment. We can experience healthy, loving relationships, prosperity, and especially inner peace. When you resolve past issues that are still humming away in the background, like a virus on a computer, and replace unhealthy behaviors and patterns with healthy ones that serve your higher purpose, your love for yourself increases. You will have more love to give to others and you will call more love in. It's a win-win for you and everyone in your current and future life! Finally, when you are living in your authentic power, and aligned with your higher purpose, you will feel on track, clear, and peaceful. Life will flow better in every way. There will be an ease and a grace about you that is noticeable because the anxious, unclear energy you used to radiate is gone. When this happens, it's easier to use the Law of Attraction principles in Rhonda Byrne's The Secret. When you move into your authentic power, you can effectively manifest the life you really want.

What's one desire you really want? Health, wealth, relationships, career? Be specific. Share in the comments below!

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