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4 Tips to Handle Anxiety and Depression

Do you experience chronic anxiety or depression? How do you feel with new situations or relationships, whether it be work or personal? For example, an abusive mother who was critical and berated you on a regular basis, may be a leading cause of low self esteem.

It helps to identify the symptoms you experience and then the triggers, or root causes, that leading to anxiety and depression. The chronic feelings you may experience of not being good enough may be playing out in your current relationships, be it a spouse, employer, or even your own child.

If you have been feeling down or anxious for a long time, know that you can feel better. Your life can become more fulfilling. Negative thoughts and attitudes become habits and can keep you further entrenched in a cycle of negativity. But it can be reversed. Everything is energy and thoughts are things. Do your thoughts tend to be more positive or negative? Are they making you feel more or less anxious? Here are a few tips you can try to help with anxiety.


If you feel comfortable talking to a family member or friend, this can be a good way to get support. Just talk it out. End with some laughter, if you can. Or release tension through shared tears. Silence is Golden.

Perhaps you are especially sensitive to the increasing chaos in the world around us. It might be very helpful to have a quiet place you can go to and sit in silence, even for a few minutes each day. This will help your heart rate slow down and as you become centered in your true 'home', you will feel more at peace. Activities such as exercising, tai chi, and being outside in nature are also natural remedies for decreasing stress.

Healthy Distraction.

Finding a good distraction like a movie, or another activity you enjoy can help break the cycle of negative thinking or obsessing, even temporarily. If you are prone to obsessing about a particular person or issue, try this to help break the cycle of negativity.

Natural Supplements.

Natural supplements can help with anxiety and depression to give you short term relief.

1 - Holy Basil by Himalaya. (Helps with anxiety.)

2 - SAM-e by Jarrow Formulas. (Helps with brain function and mood.)

3 - 5-HTP by Solaray (Good for decreasing depression and increasing feelings of well being.)

Which of these tips will you try the next time you feel a little down or anxious? Share in the comments below!

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