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How to Love Yourself - 6 Easy Steps

We all have times when we face self-doubt, or become our own worst critics. To get over those feelings, it's important to learn how to love yourself. Here are six easy steps to help you accept and love yourself for the spiritual being you are.

1- Accept Yourself Where You Are NOW... with all your strengths and perceived weaknesses. Remember...we are all works in progress and we continue to evolve.

How to love yourself || distance healing

2- Stand In Front of a Mirror and Look Deeply Into Your Eyes. Do this for at least one minute. It is the best and fastest way to connect deeply with your own soul. This will help you feel grounded and calm almost immediately every time you do it.

3- Stop Criticizing Yourself. Your parents, siblings, boss and ex lover may not be with you anymore, but their tapes may be still running in your mind. I can clear these negative inner voices for good if this is still happening for you.

4- Stop Comparing Yourself To Others. This is Not Loving You.

Every one of us is on our own unique path in this lifetime. You are always in the right place at the right time...remember and affirm this. If you aren't ask yourself what might be getting in your way? Genuine inner peace is the most valuable asset anyone can acquire.

5- Appreciate the Great Person You Truly Are and the unique qualities that make you YOU!

Look at the real you; your loving intentions for your family and friends, your generosity when you are able to give, you unique abilities and talents...and most of all, your own unique LIGHT that shies when you feel good.

6- Write Down 5-10 Specific, Personal Things You Feel Really Good About.

These can be personal or professional achievements; ways you have grown as a person i.e; resentments toward specific people you no longer have, a self-destructive pattern you no longer do, etc. Every day, give yourself credit for what you are doing right.

Which tip resonates with you the most? Share in the comments below!

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