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PTSD and Depression Treatments That You Can Feel

Ellie provides truly lasting relief
Ellie’s Pechet Healing Technique is a great way to help people work through intense issues like PTSD and depression, and also to provide a lasting relief that you can feel. Ellie’s PTSD treatment and depression treatment will give you a different kind of insight into your own mind and how it interacts with your spiritual center, that you definitely would not have gotten from traditional therapy (which some people may not respond to anyway). The whole point of holistic healing is that it’s a safe and completely natural, and it provides relief that actually lasts.

Pechet Healing Technique perfected
At Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing, Ellie offers a fully comprehensive healing therapy experience, using her Pechet Healing Technique that has been in development for over three decades. This unique and proven technique combines a host of intuitive counseling readings and skilled energy healing, and the result is a wonderful feeling of true freedom and lasting relief.

Overcoming PTSD and depression through personal growth
As the sole provider, Ellie will heal you in a way that allows you to truly learn to unlock the many senses of your spirit and start seeing and hearing the world around you with a whole new perspective. Her technique is not only proven, but one of the most effective forms of relief you can receive.

Pain and suffering are mental and spiritual shackles, and Ellie will help you break them. The more time you spend healing with Ellie, the better you feel and the more you will grow both mentally and physically.

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