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Whose anger are you feeling? Yours? Someone else's?

Dear Friend;

We all know by now we are energy beings. Children are especially vulnerable to absorbing their parents energy, whether it is loving or hostile. We all know children are like little sponges, absorbing everything around them and those energetic impressions settle in the subconscious and in the body. Traumatic imprints build up over time, causing anxiety, low self worth, depression and anger just to name a few. If left unhealed, they are likely to have a negative impact on relationships in adulthood.

Do you really think all that anger, frustration and perhaps your tendency to over react is just yours? It probably isn’t. Who was angry, frustrated, or likely to erupt from 0-10 in what seemed like a flash when you were a child? Was it your Mother? Father? Step mother or step father?

If there was a rager in your house growing up, it is very likely that you absorbed their anger…especially if it was directed at you! I had two in my family growing up…one parent was passive aggressive, and the other was just plain old aggressive. Dare I cross them in any way and I would be pummeled on all levels, emotional, physical, certainly spiritual. Sound familiar?

A lot of the anger have I felt at times wasn’t mine. It was my parents’ anger. So, how do you avoid old reactions to situations that are triggered by the traumas and emotions held in your sub conscious? Reactions that seem more intense than the situation might warrant can have a destructive impact on relationships, work situations and how you feel about yourself.

I know on a personal and professional level that all of this can be overcome. With introspective work, professional guidance, and a lot of courage, even the deepest wounds can be healed. Earlier today I was listening to musician Karen Drucker and had a light bulb moment…Don’t you love those!? As I listened more closely to her lyrics, I realized she herself was probably abused as a child. The songs she writes are about healing and being loved for who you are and as you are.

Karen has a mission to spread joy, love and healing. One of her most moving songs is titled, “How could anyone tell you you are anything less than beautiful”? So true, isn’t it? Well…you are beautiful and if you were abused, you did not deserve to have someone who was entrusted with your well being spewing anger and toxic energy at you. You were too young to know how NOT to absorb that energy into the very pores of your entire Being!

If this applies to you, I would like to gently encourage you to take some time to do some introspection and journaling about this subject. You may ask yourself…how much of the anger, frustration, volatility etc. is mine? How much of it was energetically transferred to me without my permission or awareness of the long-term effect? How much of the anger, frustration etc. I am still carrying around with me that did not originate with me, continues to affect my quality of life and my ability to be at peace?


"The Whole Process of Your Technique is Amazing...- I've always aspired to be calm but I have never been able to turn off the noises...the voices inside my head until now. I feel completely calm and peaceful inside." Kim A., MA

"I feel so much better since the clearing work Ellie did with me. I feel like the emotional ball and chain has been lifted." Pam H., N.Y.

A Few of the Benefits You Receive Every Session:

  • Long lasting resolution of issues such as - depression, anxiety, trauma, unhealthy patterns, chronic pain, + more

  • Balancing your energy field

  • Increasing your vital life force energy

  • Deep relaxation

  • Healing your heart

  • Bringing you closer to your soul's essence

  • The specific imprint your higher self is asking for

...every session!

*All sessions are facilitated by Phone/Skype in the comfort of your own home

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician, Shaman, Remote Healer, Author


*All sessions are facilitated by Phone/Skype in the comfort of your own home


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