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The Healing Power of LOVE & Breaking a Cycle of Abuse + Fall SALE

Phoenix Rising

The Healing Power of Love

Georgia needed help...then she met Ellie. Listen now.

Last month, I talked about remotely healing insomnia an issue affecting many individuals' ability to sleep well.This newsletter focuses on the power of love and touches on breaking the cycle of abuse.

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LOVE...It's how you feel when you allow yourself to drop into your heart, either spontaneously or prompted by a person or a pet you love. Picture yourself with your own child who you have a healthy bond with. Or think of a pet you cherish. Notice how good you feel when you move into your heart and let yourself to relish the feeling.

Nothing feels as good as when we are in the e-motion of love. And it doesn't need to be connected to another person or a pet...Learning how to be in a state of love that is not attached to another, but is actually the love you feel for yourself, for life itself and all forms of life is a wonderful way of being that is healthy for all of us to strive for.

You'll know you're there because it feels different from when you are in your head; thinking, calculating, planning, trying to understand a situation or a person you know with erratic behavior etc.

Your natural state of being: When you're in your heart, all you feel is peace and love. You feel a sense of fullness and complete. Relish the break from your over active mind and savor every moment you are in your heart as long as you possibly can because this is your natural and authentic state of being.

Anxiety, depression, grief and trauma are just a few of the issues that plague so many people.These conditions are usually created by experiences and energetic imprints we have had in childhood or may have picked up in utero from our mother as well as relationships we accumulate over time, and sometimes even the residue of past life times. People are complex and dynamic

Love doesn't want or need anything and it is not attached to any specific outcome. Love has the beautiful quality of allowing and accepting others to be fully themselves, as they are. Our families and society encourage us to be in our heads rather than our hearts. Yet the power that exists in the heart is much more powerful than our minds and all we need to do is deliberately access it.

Our minds are important when it comes to understanding ourselves, our relationships, situations and to help us make good decisions for ourselves and those we are responsible for. It is important to balance the rational mind

with the loving heart which has unconditional love for everyone, (including those who might annoy or trigger you)

Every person and animal has the spark of life within and connects all of us. We know this... we simply need to increase our awareness and step more fully into ourselves to remember who we truly are beneath the conditioning we picked up from our family and society.

woman with her dog

If you have a dog you are training to go to the bathroom outside and it happens to have an accident (or multiple accidents), try to avoid getting into a power struggle and take a deeper look at why it might be doing this. Perhaps there is an underlying issue causing an unwanted behavior, such as a past trauma, anxiety, or fear of making their human angry. If you look to understand your pet rather than getting angry or resorting to punishment, not only will you be able to avoid making things worse, this can be an opportunity to bring the two of you closer. Pets are like children in some basic ways...they want to please you and gain your approval, so give positive reinforcement when they do what you want and allow yourself to be patient so you can understand what might be behind the behavior you don't want.

And if your tendency is to get angry, shame or physically reprimand the pet who is "miss-behaving", ask yourself, is this how you were treated when you were a child?

We often repeat the pattern of how we were treated when we were being raised unless we make a conscious decision to do things differently. One of the best ways to break a pattern of shaming or abusing others is to first realize it's happening, and second, heal the childhood wounds that are still within attention to what wants to be healed in you so that you can step more closely and lovingly into your authentic self and be who you are here to be...YOU!

All My Best,

Ellie 💜

Power of love

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💜 Be Yourself 💜 Dare to Shine 💜 Love Who You Are 💜

If I work with you or your loved ones, expect a Miracle! 💖 The healing power of love

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