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Resentment...the Silent Killer

Dear Friend;

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a pattern of resentment? Whether it is about a specific person, a number of individuals, or perhaps about your life overall, resentment will keep you stuck. If you sometimes wonder where the light at the end of the tunnel is, this newsletter is about how you can get closer to it just by naming and healing any resentments you have from past or current relationships and situations.

I have helped many, many clients over the last 33 years with all sorts of emotional and physical issues and conditions. I refer to resentment as the silent killer because the majority of clients who come to me with cancer for example, at whatever stage it is for them, almost always reveal long held resentments.

Many have carried their resentments for years and decades, doing their best to suppress them because they are so painful. They have gotten good at stuffing their feelings, especially when difficult memories (usually from the past) are triggered.

Your body is a complex, elaborate system. It is quite capable of healing to a great extent and with a healthy lifestyle is able to maintain its' equilibrium unless there is a chronic, over abundance of emotional stress, resentment, or unhealed trauma from the past. Resentment about other people festers in your body and hurts you, not them. They are living their life while you are staying unhappy and feeling victimized.

Having chronic resentful thoughts about someone or something who has hurt or angered you is like taking poison over and over again.

Not only do negative thoughts keep you from experiencing inner peace but they also whittle away at your natural good health, eventually causing the body to break down. In other words, toxic thoughts produce a toxic environment in the body creating a perfect storm for physical illness such as cancer and thyroid issues to develop.

A woman I know personally (who is not a client) developed breast cancer in her 50's. I will call her 'Eva' to conceal her identity. She had deep resentments toward her mother who not only neglected her emotional needs as she was growing up, she was also physically abusive at times. Anytime Eva would disagree or try to express an opinion that was different from her mother's, a power struggle would take place and would often lead to her being physically abused if she wouldn't give in to her what her mother wanted.

Eva told me about one instance when they got into an argument about whether she would take a bath or a shower. When Eva wouldn't agree to take a shower, her mother slapped her across the face and continued to do so until she backed down.

This is just one example of Eva being forced to suppress her thoughts and feelings. She carried the wounds of having to stuff her own authentic expression into her adult life and there were long term consequences. She poured the majority of her energy into her work as an attorney which she was very good at. Eva avoided dealing with her childhood wounds and resentment because it was easier for her to stuff her feelings then feel them. When she was in her 50's she developed breast cancer. (The breast is a symbol of nurturing, which she did not receive. Are you seeing the mind/body connection? ) She is currently in remission and my hope is that she decides to heal her wounds not only so she doesn't get sick again, but also so she is able to experience inner peace in her life.

Self Expression: Children don't just need permission, they need encouragement to express their opinions and their feelings.

If you were raised by an abusive and or controlling parent(s) and were chronically forced to suppress your thoughts, feelings and emotions, there is a very good likelihood that you are still carrying that hurt and resentment.

In my experience as a counselor and healer over many years, as I mentioned earlier, left unhealed, resentment increases the chance of getting cancer, just as heart ache and grief tend to increase the chances of developing a heart disease.

Former relationship partners can also be a source of anxiety, resentment, and trauma. If you haven't healed your wounds associated with the Ex., now might be a good time to do so because it just isn't good to hold onto ANY resentments period.

Healing the resentment you still feel will also help you move forward with a clean slate so you can attract a healthier, more loving partner and relationship. THYROID: Women (more than men), whose voices have been suppressed, are more likely to develop Thyroid conditions such as hyper thyroid, hypo thyroid and Hashimoto’s disease. Learn more about how important your Thyroid is here. THYROID: According to Web M.D., May 16, 2021: "The thyroid is a 2-inch-long, butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck that controls your metabolism. It’s part of your endocrine system, which makes hormones that help control many of your body’s functions. How It Works The thyroid sits just below your voice box (larynx), near the base of your neck. Two hormones made by the thyroid gland help regulate your metabolism -- the chemical processes in your body that breaks down what you eat to make energy. They can affect how fast your heart beats, how deep you breathe, and whether you gain or lose weight. They can also help control your body temperature, cholesterol levels, and women’s menstrual cycles. When It Doesn’t Work Right Sometimes, the thyroid gland develops a problem. It might start producing too much or too little hormone. It might become enlarged, or it could grow lumps of extra tissue. More than 12% of people will have some sort of problem with their thyroid during their lifetime. Women are far more likely to have this happen than men. Common thyroid problems include: Hypothyroidism. This occurs when your thyroid doesn’t make enough hormones. That slows your metabolism. It can make you gain weight and feel sluggish or depressed. Sometimes that’s caused by a condition called Hashimoto’s disease. This happens when your body’s disease-fighting immune system attacks the thyroid." I don't think it is a coincidence that the thyroid is physically located just below the voice box in the front of your neck. Energetically, this is also where the throat chakra is, both from which we express our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Are you ready to heal your resentments? If your answer to this question is a big 'YES', then good for you...that is really awesome! I can help you by energetically dissolving any or all of the wounds and resentments that may be affecting not only your emotional inner peace, but also your physical health.

Here is to the light at the end of your tunnel. Love, Ellie 💖

As you heal, your life keeps getting better. 😘

Recent Testimonials: "Ellie’s ability to see the problem and help in such a sensitive and compassionate way has been very comforting and loving. A true healer." Love, Nancy G, MA

"I highly recommend long distance healer Ellie Pechet. Ellie is a gifted energy healer who has been able to heal emotional and physical issues related to my breast cancer diagnosis. Emotionally, I struggled with fear of the cancer returning and metastasizing, in addition to other issues she helped me with. Ellie worked with me remotely and was able to clear core issues and neutralize my negative emotions and their impact on my future emotional and physical health. As a result of my sessions with Ellie, I feel stronger and much better emotionally and physically. I'm very grateful for finding Ellie and the blessing of her healing." Silvia B., R.I. Click my pic to Hear what my other clients say:

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