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Leaning in to Inner Peace

Lean in to inner peace

Lean into Inner Peace...Have you noticed a lot of people seem increasingly irritated, angry and reactive?

What do you think might be causing or contributing to a decrease in calm presence?


Personally and professionally, I sense the increase in anxiety and depression in society are in part, the result of diminishing, meaningful connection not only with others, but also with ourselves. A lot of this has to do with the increased amount of time we are spending on the computer to accomplish more tasks and interact with others.


Social Media is a large culprit of the decrease in mental and emotional health that has been steadily increasing in our culture. Random interactions with virtual strangers do not encourage meaningful connection with others. I spend very little time on social media personally because it is way too much information and do we really need more information? I don't think so and if you are an adult like me, you probably have accumulated plenty of information in your life time about all kinds of things.

Wouldn't you feel better if you slowed down the focus on information gathering and started putting more focus on stilling rather than stimulating your mind?


If you are constantly on the go whether it's mentally or physically, does it make sense that you are feeling more anxious and reactive when responding to people, places and events that occur in your life?

I promise you that if you start start making it a point to spend quiet time each day to reflect on how you are feeling and listen to your thoughts, you will notice your inner peace will increase. You need to be quiet to be able to hear your wise, intuitive self. This will help you feel more calm and you will intuitively know how to solve issues and challenges that come up. You cannot hear your inner guidance or your guides or your higher self if your mind is constantly on the go and being overwhelmed with external information.


The perpetual gold you are looking for is on the inside. You are already perfect, whole and complete.

How to love yourself more

A Few Suggestions:  

  • Slow yourself down enough to start enjoying who you are and who you have become.

  • Take regular breaks from your phone - power it off sometimes. In general, you don't have to be "on call" and respond to every text & ding that comes through your phone.

  • Decrease the amount of time you spend on social media and increase the quality time you spend alone, with your higher self, in nature and spending meaningful time with others (in person as much as possible)


You are already a beautiful being. If you need help increasing your inner peace because of some painful memories, losses or traumas you are carrying, I speciallize in quickly intuiting and clearing them. Every session with me will lighten the load you are carrying so that you can truly feel more at peace and free from the pain of the past.


Call me or sign up on the website homepage to schedule a free 20 minute consultation: 508-237-4929


Ellie 💜

My Shaman Work: Watch Rachel describe how much better she & her home feels after removing 3 earthbound spirits from her home in England


"When You Lose Touch With Yourself, You Lose Yourself in the World"


"Lean In To Loving Yourself More Deeply So You Can Truly Enjoy Your Time Here"

Ellie Pechet 

NEW NEWS: My 5'th book as a contributing author, called "Good to the Last Drop!"

is out! Will be adding to the home page of my website soon.





Ellie Pechet, Remote Healer Extraordinaire

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician, Shaman,

Remote Healer, Author 


  Effective, remote healing for individuals, couples, children and pets.



*All sessions for you, your child or your pet are facilitated by Phone/Skype or a photo in the comfort of your own home


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