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Joe Days, (Days Cottages): From Hopeless to Hopeful

By Ellie Pechet, M.Ed., Metaphysician, Remote Healer

It was Christmas day, and Joe was trying to finish a repair in one of the Days Cottages in North Truro, Cape Cod, MA so he could join his family for Christmas dinner. He forgot there was a cement shelf about six inches right above his head from the item he was repairing. Joe got up suddenly from his crouched position and hit his head...hard. He suffered a brain injury, which led to a serious condition called Meniere’s Disease. As a result of the Meniere’s Disease, Joe developed Vertigo, the primary symptoms of which are severe dizziness and nausea. As a result of the Vertigo, Joe developed tinnitus (incessant ringing) in both ears. It was a bad situation, and he tried all kinds of treatments to help his condition, even traveling across the country to Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease “specialists.” Nothing helped any of his symptoms, and Joe suffered for 16 years.

Running a string of cottages on Cape Cod, MA, especially during the summer, kept Joe, who owned them, very busy. The dizziness and nausea from the Vertigo would come over him suddenly, forcing him to stop whatever he was doing and lie down until it passed. These occurrences happened multiple times a day.

When I met Joe, he was feeling hopeless about his life and especially about his future.

During our first conversation, as I was making a reservation for a cottage on the ocean, he asked me what I do, and I told him I am a metaphysical healer. He said he found that very interesting and proceeded to share with me his story about the brain trauma he had experienced and how much he had suffered over the last 16 years.

Joe asked if he could have a session with me, and we arranged for him to meet me at my cottage the next day.

The issue that came up needing to be energetically healed first was “hopeless.” The energetic imprint he needed at the end of his first session was to be “hopeful.”

When Joe returned for a session a few days later, he was indeed feeling Hopeful and was ready to proceed with the healing his physical conditions, starting with the Meniere’s Disease, then the Vertigo, and eventually, the Tinnitus.

Joe’s symptoms and conditions related to the brain trauma were healed in a handful of sessions. His results gave him a sense of hope for the first time in 16 years. Joe became free of the debilitating symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and constant ringing in his ears and by the time my cottage on the sea rental ended, it was nice to see Joe feeling wonderful physically and hopeful about his future.

From Hopeless to Hopeful Update: Joe decided to retire. He sold all his cottages, moved to Florida, and is enjoying his life with his wife, children, and grandchildren. He continues to be symptom-free.

BIO: Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.’s mission is to help her clients become pain-free emotionally and physically so they can live a higher quality of life, one that is filled with joy. She remotely heals Depression, Grief, PTSD, Anxiety, Physical &/or Emotional Abuse, Traumas, Insomnia, Viruses including Lyme's Disease, HPV, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, and other physical conditions. Ellie is also the published author of the book Hitching a Ride: A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You.


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