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Human Tendency to Feel Hopeless When War Breaks Out

It’s human nature to want to help our sisters and brothers when they are in need, whether these needs are emotional, physical, spiritual or any combination. It is also human tendency to feel hopeless when war breaks out.

Wanting to help is how we humans are wired. It’s normal for us to feel compassion and want to take some type of action to alleviate their pain when others are suffering.

War tends to stir up all kinds of emotions. A sense of helplessness is one of the most common. When war breaks out, wherever it is, people tend to experience a deep sense of powerlessness. This blog explores why individuals experience such helplessness when dealing with the subject of war and how we can shift from helpless to hopeful.

How the Media Amplifies Helplessness

The media, by means of its extensive coverage of war, can exacerbate feelings of helplessness among the public. The constant stream of horrible stories, graphic visuals, and alarming statistics can be overwhelming, causing people to feel helpless and shut down. The saturation the media tends to resort to can make it appear as if the world is spiraling out of control, which further reinforces one’s perception of being powerless.

Fear of Inaction & Guilt

When war breaks out, people may deal with the fear of their own inaction. The natural tendency is to want to make a positive impact, but they may feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem. Feelings of guilt can result, as individuals question their own ability to create change in a world heavily influenced by conflict.

As we know, recently, a war broke out in the Middle East on October 26, 2023, a region of the world that had been relatively quiet in recent years. Curious and concerned, I checked the pulse of civilians everywhere and realized that a lot of people everywhere were feeling anxious, afraid, and helpless.

The Awakening World: Remote, Group Healing

Last week, I was a guest on the popular online spiritual program, “The Awakening World”, hosted and produced by Scott Catamas.

Scott was hoping I would do a live, remote individual or group healing for participants on the segment. Of course, I agreed, and we discussed what might be most helpful.

I suggested to Scott doing a live, remote group healing to maximize the healing I would be sending so more people would benefit and he agreed. (When I work with a group, I tune in to what the most common issue or theme is among the participants, then energetically muscle test to confirm). I shared my intuitive sense that folks would benefit from a clearing focusing on the hopelessness many have been feeling about the current war in the middle east and the perception that they were unable to make a difference.

Remote Group Healing
Remote Healer Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.

On the program that evening, after meditation and some live music, the group settled in for their group healing. I energetically muscle tested for the most common issue among the people attending. “Hopeless about what is going on in the middle east” came up. I explained that feeling hopeless and helpless causes people to feel like they are unable to make a difference and as a result, they shut down. Truth is, no matter how small an act with the intention of helping may seem, it does help. The power of prayer, visualizing peace during meditation (or pretty much anytime), financial contributions, increasing awareness and discussion with others are a few important ways we can help.

The imprint (I do this at the end) needed was to deeply know that they in fact are

“Able to make a difference”.

After the healing, many who participated said they felt not only deeply relaxed, but also significantly less hopeless about the war and more positive that they could in fact make a difference (however large or small). One individual said he felt like he was being lovingly held during the healing and that he felt motivated to help in the form of prayer starting that evening.

Conclusion: From Helpless to Hopeful

Those who received the remote group healing were feeling more hopeful and motivated to take at least one positive action connected to the current war in the middle east. We can make a difference, individually and collectively and no matter how small or large, everything makes a difference, and yes, we can feel good about that.

Click this link to watch the whole segment of The Awakening World, 10-18-23:

Remote Healing from any distance
Remote Healer Ellie Pechet

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed., Metaphysician,

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