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Are You Responding or Reacting?

Dear Friend,

I hope you are having a nice summer and staying cool and hydrated with the higher than 'normal' heat many of us are experiencing. Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. I hope you find the subject of responding compared to reacting helpful and inspiring.

Responding rather than Reacting

1- Your reaction:

When a person says something to you that feels unfair or disingenuous:

Are you able to respond from a clear, empowered place or

Does your reaction come as a 'knee jerk reaction' most likely from an unconscious place with a lot of energetic charge?

How do you know if your reactions are coming from a conscious or unconscious place?

2- Where do emotionally charged reactions originate from?

Very often, from childhood. Suppression of one's voice - sometimes starts as early as 2 years old. Why 2? Remember the term "terrible 2's"? That term started being used when infants started realizing they are separate beings from their parents and discover they have free will (typically around 2 years old.) They discover the word "NO" and use it triumphantly at first anyway. However, instead of recognizing this next level of a child's normal development, inexperienced parents may see their toddler's discovery of the word "no" as a threat to their authority. This is often when a power struggle starts between parent and child. The parent enforces their will over the child's and as a result, the child's expression of their own thoughts, feelings and ideas is suppressed. This often leads to a lifelong pattern of not feeling comfortable having or speaking one's authentic truth. Needing to suppress one's thoughts and feelings often results in hurt, anger and resentment that keep one from being able to experience inner peace and can lead to physical conditions such as thyroid problems and more. It is no accident that the thyroid is located in the throat chakra which represents self expression.

It wasn't fair if your parents discouraged you from having your own opinion. That might be where the over reaction or 'charge' is coming from currently when someone doesn't validate your feelings or opinions.


3- If your goal is to increase your inner peace, become more aware of what comes up for you when you feel someone treats you unfairly. Is there a pattern of how you react to certain people or situations that come up?

If so, go a little deeper, try doing some journaling and give yourself permission to feel your feelings and honor your thoughts. There is a treasure chest of valuable information within you. Simply give yourself permission to go a little deeper.

If you need help accessing the causes behind your triggers

AND want to have them energetically dissolved so that you can start responding from an empowered place, reach out to me for help. I am just a phone call or an email away.


Ellie 💜


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Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician, Shaman, Remote Healer, Author


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