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How to Prevent/Heal Cancer

Remember the old saying, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'? It's so true. Especially when it comes to helping prevent the development of cancer. You can start by taking an inventory of your physical and your inner (emotional) health on a regular basis.

Cancer cells exist in the body. This is a normal occurrence. They only become a problem when the healthy cells are not keeping them in check by eliminating them, resulting in an over abundance of unhealthy cells. Similar to other conditions such as Candida, (when in balance, a healthy yeast in the body) that develops as a result of too much sugar being consumed, besides increasing the risk of diabetes and other issues, an over abundance of Candida causes itching, rashes, soreness or burning while urinating.

In my experience helping clients the past 33 years, the 2 leading causes of cancer developing in the body are both emotional and physical.

Emotional Health: Painful memories that are not healed are alive and active, humming away in the background, sometimes only surfacing on a conscious level when there is a trigger of a painful memory. For example, if you were over weight as a child and were made fun of by family or other kids, you probably still carry the humiliation and shame you absorbed about your body back then. This inner shame will probably continue to affect you for the rest of your life if you don't heal the initial cause(s). A few unhealthy weight related patterns I have helped clients heal are yo-yo dieting, binge eating Ben & Jerry's, candy, cake, chips...whatever it is for you. These are temporary salves for the small child in you who is still hurting. Unfortunately, the guilt you feel after the binge keeps you stuck in an unhealthy cycle of impulsive eating and shame, instead of healing and developing mastery over what you put into your body.

Negative emotions resulting from unhealed core issues also increase acidity in the body. As core emotional issues continue to fester in the body, they create a toxic environment. Over time, the body breaks down, making us more susceptible to conditions such as cancer.

Physical Health - Alkalize: 1- A highly acidic diet keeps one's physical body out of healthy balance. A few of the culprits that increase acidity in the body include:




Pasta that is not the whole grain

Fatty meats

(Did I say SUGAR?)

"Side effects associated with consuming foods that are too acidic include listlessness, depression, headaches, acne, dry skin, mood swings, poor digestion, brittle nails and hair, and sensitive gums. A mild case of acidosis can increase free radicals in your body, decreasing your cellular energy... "