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How to Prevent/Heal Cancer

Remember the old saying, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'? It's so true. Especially when it comes to helping prevent the development of cancer. You can start by taking an inventory of your physical and your inner (emotional) health on a regular basis.

Cancer cells exist in the body. This is a normal occurrence. They only become a problem when the healthy cells are not keeping them in check by eliminating them, resulting in an over abundance of unhealthy cells. Similar to other conditions such as Candida, (when in balance, a healthy yeast in the body) that develops as a result of too much sugar being consumed, besides increasing the risk of diabetes and other issues, an over abundance of Candida causes itching, rashes, soreness or burning while urinating.

In my experience helping clients the past 33 years, the 2 leading causes of cancer developing in the body are both emotional and physical.

Emotional Health: Painful memories that are not healed are alive and active, humming away in the background, sometimes only surfacing on a conscious level when there is a trigger of a painful memory. For example, if you were over weight as a child and were made fun of by family or other kids, you probably still carry the humiliation and shame you absorbed about your body back then. This inner shame will probably continue to affect you for the rest of your life if you don't heal the initial cause(s). A few unhealthy weight related patterns I have helped clients heal are yo-yo dieting, binge eating Ben & Jerry's, candy, cake, chips...whatever it is for you. These are temporary salves for the small child in you who is still hurting. Unfortunately, the guilt you feel after the binge keeps you stuck in an unhealthy cycle of impulsive eating and shame, instead of healing and developing mastery over what you put into your body.

Negative emotions resulting from unhealed core issues also increase acidity in the body. As core emotional issues continue to fester in the body, they create a toxic environment. Over time, the body breaks down, making us more susceptible to conditions such as cancer.

Physical Health - Alkalize: 1- A highly acidic diet keeps one's physical body out of healthy balance. A few of the culprits that increase acidity in the body include:




Pasta that is not the whole grain

Fatty meats

(Did I say SUGAR?)

"Side effects associated with consuming foods that are too acidic include listlessness, depression, headaches, acne, dry skin, mood swings, poor digestion, brittle nails and hair, and sensitive gums. A mild case of acidosis can increase free radicals in your body, decreasing your cellular energy... "

It is important for your physical health to maintain a healthy PH balance, between 7.3-7.45. Increasing your daily intake of foods and beverages that are more alkaline helps. This includes fresh vegetables (preferably organic). Vegetables are the fastest and easiest way to shift your body from being acidic to alkaline. Why? Fresh vegetables contain the vital life force we all need. I juice fresh vegetables several times a week (no, not V-8). If I feel like my immune system is a little low or I might be on the verge of catching a cold, I pull out the vegetable juicer and it brings my immune system up to where it needs to be. I haven't had a cold in several years.

This is the recipe I have used & recommended for many years:

Carrots + Celery + Cucumber + Kale + Beet

Another way to will help prevent developing cancer is taking an inventory on a regular basis of how you are feeling in your inner world. If it feels off to you, then deal with it (rather than ignoring precious you).

How are you feeling about your life currently and where you might be heading?

Then ask yourself are there one or more issues that feel unresolved from your past?

What painful memories, relationships and experiences are still taking up space in the back of your mind and affecting you on all levels?

How much 'charge' is there when you think about the parent who wasn't there for you or the sister who ignored you and made you feel insignificant...?

Sure, you're in an adult body now so no one knows your secrets right away, but does the little Kid inside of you still feel insignificant or invisible sometimes?

If so, are you ready to heal to become free from the bondage of your past?

Healing Sue's Cancer: A Recent Case Study

A client named Sue gave me permission to share some of her story.

She reached out to me recently when she received a diagnosis of malignant skin cancer from her physician. She was frightened of course and intuitively knew it was very important that she let me help her.

The first step in our work together was helping her understand how the cancer had developed in her body using my metaphysical perspective; emotional + physical + spiritual.

Meeting on Skype together, we uncovered the anger, grief, frustration and disappointment she had been experiencing and stuffing for a very long time. By denying her (conscious) self the ability to acknowledge just how much ongoing emotional pain she was in, Sue continued to repress her feelings and emotions over many years - until they became increasingly toxic in her physical body and eventually erupted in the form of large tumors on her face.

She couldn't ignore what was happening anymore and that is when she reached out for my help. Sue lives in Utah and I live in New Hampshire and have done all sessions with her remotely, using Skype. Every session, I energetically cleared the issue I intuited was most important to heal for her that session. As I worked with her, clearing the repressed anger, sadness, grief etc., not only did she feel increasingly lighter, freer and more joyful in her day to day life, Sue's tumors started to shrink and the cancer itself started to decrease.

(Sue also had some moderate medical intervention, but that would not have been nearly enough to heal the malignant diagnosis.) PechetHealingTechnique

The root causes of the cancer to be diminished energetically and on the deepest level possible and that is what I did.

It has been several months since her sessions and she continues to be cancer-free and feel great. Now that Sue is healthy, she has been having me help other family members.

This beautiful picture of Sue was taken recently, after the course of my sessions with her. Take a look for yourself and see how great she looks.

If you or someone you know gets a cancer diagnosis, get help because

cancer does not wait.



SUSAN Skin Cancer Testimonial: "Ellie Pechet is the holistic healer and miracle worker I was hoping for! After my diagnosis of skin cancer, I realized I needed more comprehensive healing and support than medical doctors could provide. I had prior experience with distance healing and medical intuitives, so when I found Ellie, and learned of her unique healing expertise, I was eager to give her a try. I can attest to her ability to intuitively identify issues and emotions; clear them powerfully and permanently, replacing each one with a powerful energetic ‘imprint’. Ellie is nothing short of a Master Healer. She intuited then cleared the emotional issues that were contributing factors to the cancer that developed in my body. Issues related to my overbearing, critical father and the dismissive, controlling, abusive, shaming treatment of me by my former religion’s ecclesiastical leaders to name a few. Ellie completely cleared my depression, hopelessness, and the feelings of self-worthlessness that were with me for decades. She brought me out of a long pattern of being stuck in ‘victim’ mode. I was so pleased with my results, I had her do a few remote sessions with my husband. My marriage feels more vibrant after Ellie intuitively healed long term issues and events that had been negatively affecting my husband. I can't say enough about Ellie Pechet and her ability to heal long distance. For the first time in my life, not only am I physically healthy and CANCER FREE, I feel free to be my authentic self, unhindered by emotional trauma or stigmas…FREE, like a Phoenix Rising!"

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician,

Shaman, Remote Healer, Author 508-237-4929

To schedule a free consultation or a session, you may reach me at or 508-237-4929.

*All sessions for you, your child or your pet are facilitated by Phone/Skype or a photo in the comfort of your own home


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