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HOPE: Our Spiritual Anchor

Sunrise 12-9-20, Hull, MA courtesy, Ellie Pechet

December Newsletter

Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter. A sunrise like in the photo above is a symbol of hope and new beginnings. My intention is that this article about Hope is helpful to you. Consider clearing whatever no longer serves you or a loved one and bring in the New Year 2021 with a Clean Slate!

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Our connection to God (also known as Source) is our Spiritual anchor. This anchor helps keep us steady when storms come in whatever form, most commonly, emotional and physical challenges. Hope is the result of our spiritual connection to Source. When we are connected to Source, we naturally have a sense of Hope and are able to trust that no matter how difficult our circumstance may be at times, we are not alone and we will get through it. Our society encourages us to focus on material things, rather than our spiritual connection to each other and with Source. The more we focus on acquiring physical things, the less connected we feel. The less connected we feel to each other and on a Spiritual level, the more we start to feel hopeless. Hopelessness: A person who feels hopeless has lost any sense of hope for the possibility that things can improve. One of the easiest solutions is to begin to nurture our natural connection to Source. Hope flows naturally because we are connected to Source. The first step is to remember this. Many people in our society feel lonely and isolated because they have forgotten that they are inherently connected and supported on a High level.

According to Joshua David Stone, the author of one of my very favorite books, Soul Psychology (How to Clear Negative Emotions and Spiritualize Your Life) The negative ego causes you to feel loneliness because it has you seek your wholeness in another person rather than find your wholeness within yourself and your relationship to God. You are never really lonely when you are in your spiritual attitude, because you are whole within yourself and one with God. You will never be lonely if you are in proper relationship to your child consciousness. This proper relationship means the child within is given the most beneficial ration of firmness and love. As a result the child feels loved and protected. Loneliness is a sign you have fallen into the underdog state of consciousness and are seeking to fill this space with another person instead of with self and God, which is what is really needed." When we carry wounds from our childhoods such as feelings of rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, or if we were abused, these experiences continue to run in the background of our minds, energetically, mentally and eventually manifesting physically. This is why talk therapy alone does not and cannot get anywhere near the results that talk therapy in moderation combined with powerful energy healing does. Similar to a virus running in the background of a computer, wounds slow us down, reducing our vital life force and our ability to experience peace, joy and happiness. Just as a virus bogs down a computer and prevents it from working efficiently, one's painful past continues to operate in the subconscious, negatively influencing every aspect of our daily lives, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, physically. Q: What is the remedy to feeling hopeful and living a life that is happy, joyous and free? A: Heal and energetically dissolve the issues from the past that are still affecting you.

The Pechet Healing Technique: I have developed a healing technique that is very effective from any distance and help clients all over the world. My innate ability to energetically and completely dissolve a conscious or unconscious core issue or experience that has been affecting my clients’ life every session is what makes my technique successful. Depression, grief, trauma and hopelessness are just a few examples of issues I completely heal for my clients, wherever they are. When a client begins their healing with me, if they are feeling hopeless... (I confirm by testing them energetically), that is what I clear during that appointment. By the end of their first session, that client is no longer feeling Hopeless, or their Depression is gone, or they feel neutral about a Trauma they experienced, or their Grief is replaced by a sense of Peace...

I specialize in completely clearing childhood wounds. No more "work" - Done!

Confident - Happy - Joyous & Free From the Past


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