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Healing Physical Conditions Remotely

EXPECT A MIRACLE!! Healing (Physical) Issues and Conditions Remotely: 2 (very) recent examples:

Lindsay's Kidney Stones Healed Remotely in 1 Session! Watch now (or read below)

Hi Ellie! Following our Saturday session I have not had any more pain. The next day, I passed 3 small pieces that were literally a fraction of the size of what was shown on my scans, so it does in fact appear that you dissolved them!!! Super thankful!! Lindsay, Alabama

"Ellie to the rescue!!" Wyoming: J.J.'s daughter's wedding was fast approaching and she had been experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms and weakness, spending most of her time sick and in bed. Ellie did a double healing on her via Skype 2 days before her wedding day and Michaea had an amazing full recovery! Not only was she able to participate in her wedding, she danced with her husband and father, and even went on a 5 mile hike the next day! Listen Now:


BODY, MIND, SPIRIT: We all know about the profound connection between mind, body and spirit, right?

It is so true that thoughts are things and they are powerful so it is important to keep them positive as much as possible. But what happens when the subconscious thoughts that we are NOT aware of which are affecting not only our emotional health, but eventually our physical health?

In my work with clients the last 33+ years, it is very often the case that there are one or more experiences or patterns from the past that are often no longer conscious yet are continuing have a strong affect in the here and now.

PAST LIFE PATTERNS: Clearing the past life pattern for clients every session is just as important as clearing the presenting issue(s) from this life and is what helps make my technique as efficient as being able to achieve significant results every session.

In the second video testimonial (above) J.J. talks about my success healing her daughter's severe fatigue and G.I. symptoms in time for her to be able to show up and thoroughly enjoy her wedding 2 days later. Well, in that remote double session with Michaea (she was in Wyoming, I am in California), the issue I intuited, then cleared for her was a past life pattern in which she was a High Priestess and the leader of her community.

She was overly responsible in that life and carried forth a pattern of being overly responsible in subsequent lives up to and including her current life. Her Spirit wanted to be free of this pattern and expressed itself in a manifestation of severe physical symptoms, which almost ruined her being ability to enjoy her own wedding.

If you are dealing with 1 or more emotional or physical issues or conditions, I will intuit the cause and heal 1 significant issue every session.

Call me for a free 15-20 minute consultation to discuss how I can help you live your best life moving forward!


Ellie 💜


Remote Healer Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician, Shaman, Remote Healer, Author

Effective, remote healing for individuals, couples, children and pets.


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