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Healing Grief Remotely

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Paige booked a session with Ellie after hearing her speak at a conference. Her son was murdered 7 years prior, his first year in college. Paige was completely devastated and shut down. It was difficult for her to find joy or happiness in anything she was doing. Paige felt like her life ended the day her son died and just getting through each day was a struggle. This went on for 7 years. She tried therapy and other modalities. Nothing worked until she met Ellie. Healing grief remotely: After just one remote grief clearing session with Ellie, Paige woke up the next day with a light heart and was astonished to feel at peace about losing her only child. She was able to start living her life again and continued sessions with Ellie to heal other issues, such as a difficult relationship with her sister and a few other painful issues she wanted to feel at peace about. Grief is a healthy and normal response when we lose someone we love. Sooner or later, we all must deal with the grief of losing someone we care deeply about - be it a pet, a spouse, a sibling, parent or close friend. Grief can keep us shut down, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to. Anthony: I didn’t just help Paige engage with life again after losing her son. I have helped many clients come to peace about a beloved person (or pet) they lost. An older Italian gentleman named Anthony lost his wife of 65 years. She was his best friend and companion, and he was despondent when she died. Not only was he grieving, but soon after she died, his vision became badly compromised, and he was completely unable to see out of one eye. He was prescribed special glasses he had to wear when driving, without which everything was blurry. Anthony came to see me for help and I was able to reduce his grief and heartache and bring him to a sense of peace about his enormous loss in a short time. During his sessions, Anthony asked if I could help him regain his eyesight. I tuned in, knowing that most likely there was a strong mind/body connection when it came to the vision problem that developed shortly after his wife died. Intuition told me that Anthony was unable to 'see/acknowledge' that his life partner for over 65 years was no longer with him. When I healed Anthony's inability to see that his beloved life partner was gone, his vision was restored and he was able to drive normally, without the special glasses. Grief does not have to continue to consume the person who has lost a beloved spouse, parent, child etc. It doesn't need to cause a person to shut down indefinitely and cause them to be incapable of feeling joy or purpose. Support groups for grieving can be helpful, but they don’t heal the grief. Talking about grief in counseling sessions can be a helpful form of support initially, but they also don't heal or reduce the grief. The clients I work with get results quickly and I am able to bring them to heal them in as little as 3 sessions or less. Love and peace always transcend grief. Give yourself the gift of living your life again, your loved one wants this for you. Yours Truly, Ellie

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Go with the current of your life...Swimming upstream takes too much energy

Ellie Pechet

"When you feel powerless, it is because you have stopped listening to your own heart. That's where your power comes from"

Gianni Crow

Healing grief for good
Come to a place of peace about the person you love

Photo taken by Ellie Pechet

Healing for good
Ellie Pechet, Remote Healer

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed. Metaphysician, Shaman, Remote Healer, Author

Effective, remote healing for individuals, couples, children and pets.

*All sessions for you, your child or your pet are facilitated by Phone/Skype or a photo in the comfort of your own home


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