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Empowering My Clients

I love helping my clients get beyond issues and experiences from the past that have been keeping them stuck so that they can move forward with their lives unencumbered. What do I mean by unencumbered? Free from the weight of painful experiences and relationships. Think of a whale who gets entangled and has to swim dragging heavy rope behind her. No matter where she goes, it's there. I work with whales as part of my service work so I know what I am talking about and it's real. More on that another time.

For now, let's use this analogy for you as you are reading this article. You carry unresolved emotional issues with you like a sack of potatoes on your back. Even though the weight you are carrying is emotional rather than physical, it takes a big toll on your whole disposition and how you feel about life in general.

Why is this important?

Because YOU are important and anything that takes away from the quality of your life and you feeling good is important. If you have "drag" (think whale) from the past weighing you down, not only will you have less energy, you are more prone to depression, anxiety, and increased negative thoughts, attitude etc.

What you are thinking and feeling inside emanate out so negative energy, thoughts, words and behaviors out attract the same thing back to you. If you live in fear or anger for example, you tend to attract situations that increase your fear or anger until you heal the core issues behind negative emotions.

The Pechet Healing Technique is a technique I have developed over 33 years.

I LOVE using it with my clients because it is so effective at clearing the core issues they have been holding!

There is nothing I would rather do than free the people I work with from their painful emotions and memories so they can feel good about themselves and about life!

Empowering You:

My clients become empowered every time I work with them. This is what I do:

1) Balance & Raise Your Vibration: In the beginning of each session, I balance your entire energy field.

Next I raise your vibration (aka vital life force).

You are already feeling better and stronger with just this first part of the session!

2) Dissolve Your Most Important Issue: Then, I literally dissolve a core issue I have intuited is most needed for you that session. I do this slowly and deliberately until it is gone. You are able to observe and experience the issue I am clearing dissolving as I am working with you on Skype or by phone. You will notice that you can literally feel a significant issue such as depression, grief, anger at a certain person etc. that started out at as a 10 for example, is down to a 0-2 typically and will continue to diminish further over the next couple of days.

3) Imprint: The last thing I do each session is energetically imprint you with what you need most. I intuit this just as I intuit the issue you needed me to clear.

Example: If "Hopeless" came up strongest for you, "Hopeful" might be the imprint I do. Hopeful (or whatever the imprint is) would also become your affirmation which you repeat. As you do so, you are reinforcing the imprint to your subconscious which is very powerful. That is all you need to do between your sessions; use your affirmation and enjoy how much better you feel about the issue I cleared and as we continue, how much better you start to handle situations and people who would normally cause you stress. This is what inner freedom is. As you become free from the past, you are increasingly Empowered to live your life the way you want to, happy and free and on track with your life purpose.

4) Post Session Re-calibration: By the end of each session, you will feel much more at ease, deeply relaxed, and like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Over the next 2-3 days your entire system will continue to make gentle shifts. The best part is, anything I heal for you is complete. Although with physical conditions ie; cancer, thyroid issues, chronic pain etc., there are often numerous components (emotional & physical) that need to be cleared, each specific issue I clear only needs to be dealt with one time.

RESULTS LAST - This makes the Pechet Healing Technique much more efficient than any other modality or technique out there.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation or a session, you may email at You can also reach me at 508-237-4929.



Light at the end of the Tunnel, courtesy Ellie Pechet

Recent Quote:

"Ellie, my heart overflows with gratitude that my skin cancer connected me with you, whose comprehensive healing abilities have so profoundly blessed my family and me."

Sue A., Utah

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed., Metaphysician - Shaman - Remote Healer - Author

Call for a free consultation: 508-237-4929


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