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Are We Ready to Choose Peace and Heal?

Now that the election is finally over and we have elected a new team to lead us, it is time for Hope and Celebration...Now is also a time to heal and choose peace moving forward.

I was considering a couple of other topics for this article, but after speaking with a few people about the election recently, I thought it would be better to write about healing now that the election is over, and how helpful it is to choose peace over being right.

People I have been speaking with have been experiencing stress and anxiety about this election and recent events. Many are feeling depleted and are calling me with Post Traumatic Stress and other symptoms from recent events or earlier events that are triggering them currently. They know I can clear these issues for them quickly and where ever they are located.

How do we heal our differences? How do we heal both as individuals and as a nation?

The people I spoke with were clearly stressed and anxious about this election.

Tensions were running high for a lot of folks. One gym member I know got into an altercation with another member who had been provoking her about her candidate preference.

Some of my relationships are with people who are important to me and preferred the other candidate. Knowing this, how do I handle a significant difference between us, knowing we all probably have strong feelings about who we think is the best choice in this current scenario?

Personally, my biggest concern continues to be our environment and planet and so I am glad we elected two people who also indicate this is a priority for them. If we don’t take care of the planet and all the life forms on our planet including marine life and wild life, we will not survive well. This issue is an example of something that is important to me and I feel concerned and passionate about it.

MY CHOICE: My next door neighbor happens to also support the person who was just elected. She told me she won’t talk to anyone who supports Trump. She chose to put a wall up toward others who don’t agree with her. The way I see it, walls alienate people and separate us. Haven't we as a collective group been divided enough, especially this past year?

Isn't it time for us to come together and see what we have in common as well as respecting each other's differences?

Opportunity: We are being reminded to increase our tolerance and acceptance for everyone, whether our views are similar or different.

Knowing how a person with different views from my own feels and why, doesn’t make me feel threatened - it helps me understand that person better. She or he also feels heard and respected. How refreshing. The ability to think, intuit, and feel for ourselves is what makes us all unique . I have never seen this country as divided as we have been the past 4 years. Let’s come together and find out what we have in common and what makes us different. We can love each other the more by listening, sharing and understanding each other better.