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Healing Coronavirus Remotely


Last week, a client I am working with by phone asked if I could tune in to see if her young adult son had the Coronavirus as she suspected. I received confirmation that he did. She asked me to work on him while he was quarantined in the basement apartment. I did a couple of sessions with him, working with his photograph and some basic info. his mother (my client) provided. The first session, I focused on decreasing his ability to spread the virus to others and especially his parents who are in their 50's.

His next session I focused on clearing all harmful effects from the virus itself except for the antibodies. My intuitive sense is her son is no longer contagious. I confirm this by energetically muscle testing the client after I clear the identified issue, (whatever it is) My client is relieved and much less worried about her son and about she and her husband getting infected.


A couple of days ago, (Sunday) the same client reached out to me in a panic. A bird kept pecking on her bedroom window until my client finally asked what she was trying to tell her. She then heard "CALL ELLIE".

Her sister in law who is a nurse, had been sick with the Coronavirus the past week. She thought she was doing better, but the night before took a turn for the worse, and developed pneumonia. My client called me after 'Gloria' was admitted to the hospital that morning.

Pneumonia can be a death sentence when the immune system is already compromised, especially when it is as serious as the Co-Vid 19 virus.

Although I was hoping to take Sunday off, I could sense the seriousness of her sister in law's situation while we were on the phone together. I knew her window of time to live was closing.

I did 2 remote Pechet Healing Technique sessions on her when we hung up. The first thing I checked her for was entities. I wrote a book about this subject because it has been a large part of the Shaman branch of my healing work the last 18 years. The title of my book is

"Hitching A Ride, A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You".