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Healing Coronavirus Remotely


Last week, a client I am working with by phone asked if I could tune in to see if her young adult son had the Coronavirus as she suspected. I received confirmation that he did. She asked me to work on him while he was quarantined in the basement apartment. I did a couple of sessions with him, working with his photograph and some basic info. his mother (my client) provided. The first session, I focused on decreasing his ability to spread the virus to others and especially his parents who are in their 50's.

His next session I focused on clearing all harmful effects from the virus itself except for the antibodies. My intuitive sense is her son is no longer contagious. I confirm this by energetically muscle testing the client after I clear the identified issue, (whatever it is) My client is relieved and much less worried about her son and about she and her husband getting infected.


A couple of days ago, (Sunday) the same client reached out to me in a panic. A bird kept pecking on her bedroom window until my client finally asked what she was trying to tell her. She then heard "CALL ELLIE".

Her sister in law who is a nurse, had been sick with the Coronavirus the past week. She thought she was doing better, but the night before took a turn for the worse, and developed pneumonia. My client called me after 'Gloria' was admitted to the hospital that morning.

Pneumonia can be a death sentence when the immune system is already compromised, especially when it is as serious as the Co-Vid 19 virus.

Although I was hoping to take Sunday off, I could sense the seriousness of her sister in law's situation while we were on the phone together. I knew her window of time to live was closing.

I did 2 remote Pechet Healing Technique sessions on her when we hung up. The first thing I checked her for was entities. I wrote a book about this subject because it has been a large part of the Shaman branch of my healing work the last 18 years. The title of my book is

While speaking with my client about her sister in law, I sensed there was a demon and an earth bound spirit attached to her and that they were contributing to her worsening condition. When I started the session, I got confirmation on this and removed them.

Next, I tuned in to see whether the most important issue to heal for 'Gloria' was emotional or physical. Which leads to my next point...


The answer is often, BOTH. Different emotions tend to affect specific parts of the body. Emotional issues lead to physical symptoms if not healed. For example, heartbreak affects the physical heart, resentment can cause cancer, worries about finances tend to cause chronic low back pain...

EMOTIONAL: When I energetically muscle tested the nurse, her most significant emotional issue contributing to her weakening condition was GRIEF. Although she is 55 years old, this significant issue was directly connected to losing her mother when she was 22 years old.

Grief affects the lungs, hence making her more susceptible to pneumonia when she was already in a weakened state by the Coronavirus.

I cleared Grief about losing her mother, then imprinted her with being At Peace.

As I was working, my intuitive ear heard, "She is improving".

PHYSICAL: I went right into a second remote healing session with this woman because I knew time was of the essence. The next issue that came up to clear when I energetically muscle tested her was Pneumonia. I cleared her pneumonia, then imprinted her with being Strong and Healthy. As I was working with 'Gloria', I heard "Symptoms are subsiding".

All of this was done remotely working only with 'Gloria''s picture and using my ability to energetically heal long distance using my Pechet Healing Technique.

Gloria was released the next day in stable condition. She is doing well.

View testimonial below from my client, 'Gloria's' sister in law.


I am so blessed that Ellie Pechet has been doing long-distance healing work with me and my family. This past Sunday morning, I learned that my sister-in-law, who had been fighting Covid-19 for a week, took a turn for the worse, developed pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. I knew intuitively that the situation was very urgent and reached out to Ellie.

Even though it was a Sunday, Ellie heard the fear in my voice and immediately intuited the seriousness of the situation and agreed to help my sister-in-law remotely with a double session. My sister-in-law’s lungs are now clear, and she is back at home recovering. I feel that Ellie saved my sister-in-law’s life, and I’m so grateful that our family can look forward to planning a visit rather than a funeral.

Ellie also healed my college-age son who recently exhibited symptoms of Covid-19. Ellie is such a lovely, kind, caring and generous human……and also one of the most beautiful spirits I’ve met in this lifetime. She is truly connected, gifted and so devoted to helping others.

Anonymous from R.I and grateful!

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