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Spirit Attachments and How I Started Working with Them in my Healing Work with Clients

Transcript Of Video:

Hello my name is Ellie Pechet and this is a brief history of my work dealing with spirit attachments. I have been doing this work for 17 years and discovered that I had the ability to communicate with spirits as well as to identify what type of spirit it is. Whether it's random or karmic and that I was able to also determine if it was a different type of entity such as a demon. And even an alien, aliens are not as common, demons are not as common, spirit attachments are the most common and I'll start with that today.

So, the way that I discovered that I am a shaman, a natural-born shaman was one day I was sitting in session with a client and I realized intuitively that she had the spirit of a woman, an old woman who had died and who inhabited her being. I found that I was able to telepathically speak with the spirit of the woman. And I found out that she was old and she was afraid to leave and I was able to actually merge with her inside of the client and speak with her in a very loving gentle way. I explained that things would be better for her when she went to the light which was home.

And she agreed to allow me to carry her out of the client and part of the way toward the light, her guides continued to transport her, the rest of the way and that was about 17 or 18 years ago. And that's how I discovered that I have the ability to communicate with earthbound spirits. And that I also had the ability to send them home to the light so that they can progress as a soul. So, this creates a healing really a double healing for the spirit and also for the client. That is how I got my beginning, that's how I started with working with spirit attachments and other types of entities which I'll get into more on another video. Thank you for watching you can reach me at and you can also reach me at 508-237-4929.

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