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Definition of a Spirit Attachment- What Is A Negative Entity Attachment

Transcript Of Video:

Hello everyone t

This is Ellie Pechet, metaphysician shaman, medium and author and I would like to define what my experience is when it comes to spirit attachments. A spirit attachment is an earthbound spirit, typically it's a person who has either missed the window to leave the planet when they die. Or they have deliberately chosen to stay on the earth plane out of fear of what might happen when they do leave. Many people who grew up with certain religions that instil fear are afraid to leave because they're afraid that they will be punished and so they elect to stay here on the earth plane which is familiar to them.

Often what happens is they will hang around either a place that they are very familiar with, very comfortable with, and when a person of their choosing comes into the place where that they are inhabiting they will often decide that they want to hang around this person. They feel lonely and so they decide to attach to another living human being and they'll hang around with them. And eventually they will decide hey this is pretty good I think I'd like to take it a step further and go inside this person. And because I'm energy I can merge with this person rather easily.

And if I'm in the body of another person I can eat and drink and also experience intimacy with others all the physical pleasures and sensations that I had when I was living. Another thing that they can do is if they were a smoker for example is they can experience the pleasure of smoking again through this other person. So, that’s a little bit about spirit attachments and why they decide to stay here. Others get stuck here if they experience death unexpectedly, like in an overdose heroin overdose for example or a car crash or, a heart attack.

Sudden unexpected events that cause death can leave a spirit unprepared to move on from the earth plane and go to the light. And so that's how they end up attaching to either a place like a building or a person. And then eventually merging with that person and those are the clients who I work with are people who have spirits that have attached to them and need help finding their way home. Not only for them but because they are causing symptoms for the person they have inhabited. Plus it's a strong boundary violation because the person did not give their permission to have this person, this spirit with them at all times.

It's kind of like having an unwanted guest show up without your okay. And so we'll get into that more in another video, as far as the types of symptoms that an earthbound spirit can cause for the person that he or she attaches to. Again my name is Ellie Pichette, I'm a natural born shaman metaphysician long distance healer and my website is My phone number is 508-237-4929 if you think this might be an issue that you are experiencing feel free to call me for help

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