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Spirit Attachment Symptoms - Signs That You May Have A Negative Entity Attached To You

Transcript From The Video:

Hello again this is Ellie Pechet shaman metaphysician, long distance healer, author. Thank you for watching this video, today I'd like to talk a little bit about spirit attachments and symptoms that they cause for people they attach to. Symptoms can be emotional and/or physical, some of the emotional symptoms that they cause or exacerbate if the person already had these symptoms to begin with are anger, depression, sadness, grief, sudden crying for what seems like no reason more volatile, more irritable, more reactive, a feeling of being out of control. These are some of the symptoms that clients describe when they come to me for help removing spirit attachments if they know that that’s what the issue is.

If they don't know, but they just say Ellie I don't know what's going on but I'm crying at the drop of a hand. I feel really angry recently and I'm not sure why, I feel more depressed than I usually do. Not sure what's going on can you help me? And so I will tune in and find out are there spirit attachments either hovering around this person or a spirit attachment that has merged with the individual. And I have a process rather unique process after 17 years of doing my shaman work with spirits and other entities. And I can actually talk with the spirit and I can find out what sex it is, how long it's been with the person, why it attached to that person in particular.

And I can also find out if the spirit is random or karmic. All of this is helpful information not just for me but especially for the client to have some understanding and clarity about why they're feeling the way that they are. Once I find out what and who and how long the spirit has been with this client I ask if it's willing to go. And then I'm able to take it through my own process of removing it and sending it back to the light. Usually the client feels better immediately they feel lighter, they feel relieved, they feel more relaxed and their symptoms decrease.

If you have any other questions, if you think this might be an issue that is happening for you, that you would like my help with. You can visit my web site at; you can sign up for sessions there under the services page. And you can also call me at 508-237-4929 and I'll give you a short free consultation for a few minutes in which we would discuss what's going on, and if I have the sense that there are spirit attachments or something else with you. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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