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Celebrate Your Love This Valentine's Day

celebrate your love by healing emotional energy blocks

As we celebrate the month of Valentine’s Day, I want to wish you more love and happiness than you could ever imagine, not just this month, but every month throughout the year and beyond.

I am deeply grateful and appreciative to all of my clients for giving me the opportunity to help them in ways I could not have fathomed before I started to fulfill my Soul contract 33 years ago. It is deeply gratifying to be fulfilling my Soul purpose by being of service to those I work with and freeing them from the issues that have been holding them back from living a life that is truly happy, joyous, and free.

I often find myself thinking about Love. IE; how can I become more loving as a woman living in a 3rd dimension society that continues to be seriously challenged in many ways? One of the ways I work on this is by practicing good deeds and spontaneous acts of kindness as opportunities present themselves. It could be helping to pay for someone’s groceries if they don’t have enough or giving a spontaneous message of encouragement to someone who seems like they could use it. When I spontaneously respond to what crosses my path, it is intuitive. When we quiet our minds and listen on a Higher Level, we can all receive messages of acts of kindness to bestow on those around us. Simply smiling at a person we don’t even know but can sense may be feeling discouraged, could end up saving their life. I approached another member at the gym during a work out the other day and gave him a positive message. His whole face broke into a smile and he thanked me for being friendly and encouraging him.

Another way I share my love is the philanthropic work I do with animals I am called to help in different parts of the world. I often do this service work on Sundays, along with working with my soon to be 20 year old cats.

My work with clients: As each client I work with becomes more empowered, their light starts to become brighter. Not only do they feel better on every level and their quality of life improves - they become more able to impact those around them in increasingly positive and loving ways.

A ripple effect takes place as our vibration increases. We are truly all connected. The brighter we shine, the more authentically we show up, and the more loving we become, the more we raise the vibration of society and our planet. We are here for a short time...let's make a positive impact.

Love and relationships: Most of us want to experience love in real ways. We want to be able to receive love, love those we care about, and we want to be able to express that love. This takes vulnerability. We also want to know that we are appreciated by those in our lives and that we are making a positive difference for we care about and those we encounter along the way.

We are not meant to be alone unless we agreed before we incarnated to have the experience of a solitary life this time. If you feel that this is true for you, how can you fulfill the agreement your Soul made with as much ease and acceptance as possible?

We have a common desire to Love and be Loved. So what gets in the way of a deeper connection with our self and the person we have chosen to be our friend, partner, or spouse?

For many of the clients I work, with unhealed wounds from their past usually rooted in childhood, are the cause of choosing a person who is unhealthy for us. Or we may find ourselves unable to experience intimacy as deeply as we would like to with the person we love. Why are we afraid to love more deeply? A person must allow themselves to be vulnerable in order to be intimate with another person. Many have unhealed wounds and these wounds are being energetically held in their heart. Unhealed wounds from the past create intimacy blocks around giving and receiving love. If a child was embarrassed or made fun of by a family member when they took a chance and opened their heart, they probably learned it is not safe to be vulnerable. And if they continue to get hurt each time they allow themselves to be vulnerable, they will start to close down their heart more, rather than continue to open themselves to the risk of being hurt again.

Our parents and siblings have a huge influence on how we perceive our self in relation to others. Early childhood relationships are the most influential when it comes to who we tend to be attracted to (usually someone who will reflect our distorted sense of self back to us). Our early experiences influence the choices we make when it comes to friends, partners, and unhealthy patterns that keep repeating.

As they are developing, children are imprinted by those around them - emotionally, energetically, and psychically. Unless they are energetically cleared, these old imprints remain embedded in the energy field and continue to influence the choices they make well into adulthood.

Shouting Mother: If your mother was a shouter, as painful as this was, you came to believe this was “normal” behavior. As an adult, you may be drawn to relationships with people who tend to shout and over react because it is familiar to you. All of this is happening on an unconscious level. Your resonance with the person or people you tend to be attracted to comes from your childhood relationships.

Critical Father: If your father was overly critical, you will tend to be drawn to men who are critical. Sound familiar? If your sister was not getting enough healthy attention, time, or love before you came into the picture, she would be likely to resent you because you would represent even less attention for her. She would be prone to then make you feel unwanted and unworthy. How would this affect you? You would internalize her behavior and energetic imprints and, as a result, tend to feel rejected and unworthy. This would likely set up a pattern of being attracted to people who are likely to reject you. This pattern could continue the rest of your life unless the imprints and patterns are energetically cleared.

Would you like to stop any or all unhealthy patterns that keep repeating themselves?

Would you like to feel safe enough within to be able to give and receive love more fully and deeply?

Would you like to become better at picking partners, friends, and even bosses who are healthier for you?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, I would love to help you.

The Pechet Healing Technique is a technique I have developed over 33 years. I am able to completely dissolve core issues for my clients, such as early negative childhood imprints that continue to affect you so they are no longer an issue. I do this long distance and can help you no matter where you live.

In honor of Valentine’s Day - the month with special emphasis on LOVE - I would like to give you a Special Offer for you or you and your partner to share.

Love Always,


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