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Come see my keynote - Afterlife Conference, Scottsdale, AZ + Bringing Grieving Parents To Peace

Featured Topic:

Common Types of Entities that Can Affect You

On Saturday morning Sept. 15, in the Center Ballroom, I will be speaking about my work for the last 17 years with spirit attachments and other types of entities that can cause harm. I will help attendees understand how and why earthbound spirits and other entities sometimes trespass into our auric fields, causing emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances that create or increase many symptoms and conditions from anxiety to headaches and even heart conditions.

I will describe real stories about my process and how I identify, then communicate with spirits who become earthbound after leaving their physical bodies (aka death) and attach themselves to unsuspecting individuals who come to me for help.

I am also giving a workshop Sunday afternoon which you can sign up for while there is still room!

Phoenix Client Sessions : I will be scheduling a limited number of in-person sessions while I am in Phoenix. Contact me soon if you would like me to work with you in person.

Opportunity : I am looking for one person in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area to help me Saturday and Sunday in exchange for a clearing session. Contact me at 508-237-4929 now if you are interested.

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