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Mediumship: Bringing In Messages

The Mediumship aspect of my work is gratifying because it facilitates closure for the living person, and fulfills their loved one in spirit's desire to share messages with that individual.

Hearing that a loved one on the other side is doing well reassures those on the earth plane, and allows the supportive spirit to deliver specific, healing, informative references or guidance.

Communication with loved ones who have transitioned to the light and are back to deliver a message or support is quite different from communication with earthbound spirits who affect their hosts negatively, which was the main focus of my keynote at the Afterlife Conference in 2015.

A client whose mother died suddenly in a car accident felt profound relief when her mother came through during a counseling session and I was able to communicate her messages to my client. Hearing details about the night she died, directly from her mother, and that she was alright provided valuable closure for my client. Read below.

Before we finished the counseling session, I silently told Kim's mother I would bring her through the next session if the timing felt right for Kim. Although this wasn't her first choice, she agreed to wait until then.

The following week, my young client seemed more relaxed and open during our second session together, which I was glad about. Again, as we started talking about how she was doing and completed the intake, I felt her mother's presence, same as I did the previous week. She again was insistent that I let her daughter know she was there and wanted to communicate with her.

As I considered the situation at hand, I instinctively knew bringing her mother through might jeopardize my role as a therapist at the agency. My hope was that if I did use my ability to communicate with a person in spirit to benefit my client, I would suffer no repercussions from the agency.

I decided it was indeed the right thing to do - to let the client know her mother was with us and wanted to speak with her. She looked shocked at first, then became very attentive. As I shared her mother's words, Kim became increasingly alert, sitting on the edge of her chair. She told me she was getting goose bumps and chills all over her body, a sign of confirmation from a Guide or person on the other side - in this case, her mother.

Everything her mother told her resonated. She knew it was her mother because she said things only she would say. The young woman became excited, listening eagerly as she heard from her mother for the first time since she had died so suddenly in a fatal car accident, three years earlier. Kim had been in a lot of pain since her mother's death, and was thrilled to be able to have a conversation with her and receive answers to some of the questions she had carried around all this time.

Knowing her mother was okay, the young woman left her appointment with me excited, relieved, and finally at peace.

If you had the chance to speak to someone beyond the veil, who would you choose? Share in the comments below!

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