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How to Go Within and Increase Your Inner Peace

How easy is It for you to get quiet and go within? In the past, if you have had difficulty going within, this blog post should help. As often as possible, center yourself.

Taking even a few minutes each day to sit quietly will help increase your inner peace and emotional freedom when it comes to people, places and things.

Set Your Intentions

Set the intention to increase your inner peace by sitting quietly each day.

Silence Really is Golden!

Follow through with your intention and plan a specific amount of time to sit in complete quiet - no distractions. Turn off the phone, TV, whatever is a distraction from you going within. Set a healthy boundary and create a space for precious you that no one will interrupt.

Just Breathe

SIT comfortably and allow yourself to be. Just breathe. Center completely on your breath as you gently breathe in and out. The idea is to focus your attention on one thing that is simple and rhythmic.

Light a Candle

Lighting a candle and focusing on the flame is a terrific way to pull you in. Gazing at a flame can be a pretty intriguing experience. If you can get quiet enough - with practice, you might even start to see some of your past lives (a significant component of who we are as complex human beings).

Have a Quiet Place

Taking quiet space is a sacred thing to do for yourself and will help you overall. Bringing yourself to a quiet place is what meditation is. It's not mystical, magical or unattainable; it's simpler than you think. It's just a matter of silencing external distractions and quieting the mind.


If it's challenging for you to sit and quiet your mind you are not alone. Try doing some cardio-vascular exercise for 30 minutes or longer. After 30 minutes, endorphins are released and you will feel more relaxed, notice an immediate decrease in tension and it will be easier to just BE.