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Clear the Old - Imprint the New

Often, family gatherings trigger painful memories and resentments that we may have with the current people in our lives, as well as the people from our past.

The mind-body connection is stronger than we realize. Eventually, our physical structure gets tired of holding emotional spiritual pain and starts to break down. If we pay attention and take action, we can avoid many symptoms from getting worse and they can also be reversed.

The more liberated you are from a painful past, whatever that means for you - be it a lifetime of depression, anxiety, disappointment, etc. - the better you will be at creating the life you want. So clearing the old way of thinking will allow you to make room for the new. MIND OVER MATTER

Mind over matter doesn't work. It's not about "mind over matter." You can't will yourself to "get over it". That's old paradigm thinking. If you are not manifesting the way you want to feel and the goals you want to achieve in love, friendships, your work in the world, etc., it is likely due to issues that are still in your sub-conscious. For example, if you are anxious, the anxiety you feel will permeate every aspect of what you desire. If you want to feel neutral about the folks you will be seeing at your next family gathering, and if you want to manifest the things you want for your future, the best way to achieve this is by having your core energetically cleared on the deepest level possible.

The Pechet Healing Technique

I regularly clear these issues for clients:

Emotional Symptoms:

- Depression

- Grief

- Anxiety

- Early (or recent) trauma

- Sexual abuse

- Broken heart

- Difficult relationships (employers, spouses, siblings, friends...)

- Disappointments

- Low self-esteem

- Road rage

- Financial blocks

- Career blocks

- ...and more!

Physical Conditions:

- Heart problems

- Cancer

- Effects of chemotherapy

- Viruses

- Chronic pain

- Digestive issues, IBS, upset stomach

- Fibromyalgia

- Back and neck pain

- Wrist pain

- Shingles

- Endometriosis

- Allergies

- Vertigo

- ...and more!

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