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Raise Your Vibration

Take the time to love yourself more deeply by being still and going within. This will increase your sense of overall peace and allows you to become more deeply aware of your Divine Purpose here. The more quiet you become, the better you start to understand how specific events and relationships in our lives have contributed to your development as a soul.

As we observe past events and relationship patterns, we become more aware of the truth of our being. Sometimes we need a little help getting beyond feeling victimized by our experiences and specific people in our lives we feel have harmed us. When we do however, our old wounds become jewels that contribute to our growth and deeper wisdom, and we are able to experience being human more fully. As we become more wise, and experience deeper compassion for ourselves and others, we become more able to show up as our authentic self in the world and we are more authentic.

Imagine yourself like a radio tower, emitting frequencies and signals to everyone around you. Whatever is going on within you radiates out as waves of energy affecting everyone you come into contact with. No matter how hard you may try to conceal pain, sadness, frustration, resentment you feel internally, friends, family, co-workers, bosses etc.can feel and will react to what you are radiating out.

As the law of attraction demonstrates on a regular basis, the more positive energy we radiate out, the more good comes back to us. because like attracts like.

Raise your vibration by coming to peace with old pain and and releasing blocks and see how much better your life becomes! Are you ready to live your life every day with more inner peace and love for yourself and those you love?

If your vibration and inner peace were a color, what color would you be? Share in the comments below!

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