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What Triggers You?

I have discussed the importance of clearing the source of a problem, rather than just the symptoms many times. However, it can often be difficult to recognize that there is a problem if it has been buried deeper over the years, showing few symptoms or those easier to ignore. Perhaps the root cause is completely forgotten and you are able to push through and ignore the symptoms most of the time, convincing yourself that you are perfectly fine.

But then, something happens. Suddenly, you feel as if you have been punched in the stomach. Your carefully- packed-away issue or symptom rears its ugly head. Where did this come from? You haven't felt this pain or fear in years, so why now?

People often get very good at hiding from, ignoring, or burying traumas, but everything has its trigger. To come to a better understanding of these issues, it is helpful to first understand the trigger that uncovered your symptom or issue. It will come out when a past memory of a traumatic event is triggered. To identify your triggers, consider when and where do your triggers occur? What type of situation are you in? What kind of thoughts are you having? Do certain people or things trigger you? After you can situationally identify your trigger, you can look at the symptoms experienced along with these events, such as fear, flashbacks, racing thoughts, sweaty palms, pressured breathing, a quickening pulse, etc.

After identifying a trigger, which is often caused by PTSD, you can begin working on relieving yourself. You will recognize that your trauma has been triggered, so try taking a step back and breathing deeply, seth soothe, expressive writing, or call a friend. Additionally, you can come up with positive affirmations to support yourself and your worth.

However, most importantly, we can work together to clear the trauma from your life. I can help you on an emotional and mental level to cope with your trauma, understand it, and move on from it. In a few sessions, we can clear each issue causing the symptoms, so you can be free from the pain of your past. Getting you back to inner peace is the highest priority for me, and not a peace that is simply burying a pain or fear from your past, but an authentic power that resonates fully through you mind, body, and spirit.

What's one trigger you have seen in the past? Share in the comments below!

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