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Healing at the Deepest Level

A favorite quote of mine comes from Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas.

“Our unhealed wounds are invisible prisons - capturing us with our iron bars just as surely as if we were locked inside cold gray concrete walls. Sometimes it seems, no matter how hard we try to escape, that we will forever be prisoners of our own sad stories, doomed to repeat painful dynamics over and over again, in spite of our wishes to the contrary.”

I see this with people over and over, both personally and professionally.

Pechet Healing Technique || beautiful roads and nature, trees, tree-lined driveways

We crave freedom in our lives. It is a feeling of joy and lightness, but like a ball and chain, our problems hold us back from this feeling. We are encumbered by the pain of our experiences, situations, or histories. We want to let our baggage go and travel lightly, but we cannot seem to let go. How can we navigate forward in life when we are constantly pulled back by our issues?

To truly let go, we have to be able to remedy the issues, symptoms, and blocks. By working through these issues, recognizing the patterns of destruction in our lives, and clearing our pasts and presents from harmful negativity, whether physical, mental, spiritual, or all three, you can be free to share your personal gift with the world and live your most authentic life.

However, it can be difficult to clear these issues on our own, which is why I want to share my life gift with you. I work on a cellular level to relieve these issues from your life, so you can leave the baggage behind and venture freely into the world. Just as your body, at its deepest level is made up of cells, functioning together to create a physical being, your cells also carry energy in them to create your spiritual and mental being. To clear this negative energy, I set the intention to deal with a specific issue or symptom that needs to be healed. Using my hand to direct and send the energy where it needs, the results are similar to chalkboard, messy from writing returned to the clean slate it was.

After the clearing, I use my counseling background to help clients process the experience to help my clients feel empowered, rather than victimized. We learn and accelerate the process of moving on by recognizing the problem and facing it, coming out stronger on the other side. Finally able to see, for the first time in life, that the key to the prison was in our own hand the whole time. We are finally free to contribute to our own lives, freely sharing our personal gifts with the world in the way we wish.

But in the meantime, consider the ways that you can begin the work it takes to have freedom from your issues on your own. Try to focus on what it is that upsets you or makes you feel unworthy in some way. After doing such, it can be positive to try to make a change to the patterns you notice around those feelings. Are you eating a lot of junk food, or perhaps you keep going back to cigarettes? Try to understand the connection and find a replacement habit. Exercise for the cigarettes or an apple instead of chips, whatever your pattern is to break. Know that this takes time, and it takes support. I am always here to support you.

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